A Sushi Chef & Baby Ebi Sushi



I didn’t think about posting this because I just made it for Halloween but then a friend mentioned that I should put it up because some other babywearers could get ideas from it 🙂 So here is my costume for this year. I was a sushi chef and I covered a mei tai in white felt and stuck a giant shrimp on it and so my littlest kiddo became an ebi roll. It was great for a costume for him because he was just in a onesie and some (sushi print) pants and when he got tired, hot, or antsy of being in the carrier, I just took him out quickly and let him do his thing. Then when he was sleepy or hungry, back up he went 🙂


  1. Nichole

    I would love to include this fantastic photo of you and your little one in our Halloween babywearing blog post that will be posted this week. Any interest? Here is a link to the other types of posts that we host at Boba Family. http://www.boafamily.com/blog/author/nichole/

    Please pardon me dropping the request in your comments, but I couldn’t find a way to email you directly. Thank you for your consideration!

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