At the Bottom of the Ocean


This bento was actually done on yesterday because I woke up super early and had time. This section’s theme in Kindergarten is ocean animals so I thought I would do a ocean floor theme. I’m particularly in love with the strawberry squid! It was so easy and I think I know how to improve it (for the next time I randomly need another strawberry squid, you know). The cheese originally was just plain but K-Kiddo decided it looked like an eel, so I stuck an eye on it last minute and it became an eel, lol. Had I her imagination, I would’ve made it look more eel-like! I am also particularly happy that I managed to NOT make a sandwich lunch, for variety 🙂

Included Banana bread “reef” and goldfish crackers; strawberry squid with candy eye and blueberry water; fresh mozarella stick eel with candy eye

Edit: I made up a quick tute on how to cut the squid. It’s pretty simple, but I think it ends up pretty cute!

Step 1: Using a paring knife, cut off strawberry tops of one large and one slightly smaller strawberry.
Step 2: Cut smaller strawberry from the bottom up to about a quarter inch from the top. These are your “arms”/tentacles — fan them out as soon it’s cut.
Step 3: Cut two small “wings” toward the bottom of the larger strawberry — these are the arrow-like part of the squid.
Step 4: Arrange on blueberries so that the tops are facing each other. “Glue” eye to strawberry using frosting or peanut butter.


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