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Every So Often… I Get a Day Off

Ardenwood A |

It’s true that bentos are my main form of art at the moment. It’s a pragmatic choice to work with a medium I’m forced to use anyhow (I have to pack lunches, so why not enjoy doing it?) but sometimes, more often than I admit, I miss sketching and drawing. I’m a graphic designer by trade, so sketching tends to be part of my routine anyhow, but it’s often rushed and on post-its. Sitting with a detailed drawing takes delicate and delicious time, which I sorely lack between a houseful of kiddos and a job (although my job as a graphic design instructor is awesome because I get to talk design all day long, I am usually helping others with their work). Anyhow, every so often I get a day off. I took the kids to school this morning with the intent of having breakfast with friends and then spending precious hours sketching at my most favorite place, Ardenwood Historic Farm. We go there often, practically every week, but with toddlers underfoot it’s difficult to take time to soak it in. So today, I had every intention.

Except I forgot it closes on Mondays. Epic fail.

Regardless, I spread a blanket out on my lawn, took out my instruments and drew. And drew and drew. For a good three hours. And my Ardenwood “A,” instead of being a result of watching the eucalyptus trees for reference, was referenced by pictures I’d taken instead. The best laid plans…

What I learned was that it was nice to sit in my own home, by myself, grass under me with tiny insects occasionally trudging across my page. Felt nice to have the luxury of time and the quiet of the day. I finished a thought. It was good.

Today I used: Scotch Modern Swash Italic for its beautiful reference to 19th century typography, and in reference to the fact that Ardenwood Farm was created around the same time.

A Hand Lettered Year




This year, I’ve resolved to learn more that could help me professionally (in graphic design) and specifically focus on typography and layout. One of the things I’ve been really wanting to learn was hand lettering, so I looked around for some quick classes to get me started. I decided on Skillshare*, which offers classes taught by industry professionals in all kinds of subjects like branding, lettering, digital illustration, photography, etc (they also teach classes in software like Adobe Creative Suite, in case anyone is interested!)

My class is about beginning hand lettering. We were to choose a quote to develop into a hand lettered piece. The photo above is just a beginning exploration and my initial sketches as well as a tight thumbnail sketch (on top). I’ll probably be going in a different direction with this but I wanted to put this idea to paper just to get it out of my head.  I’m hoping that once I create a full piece, I might offer it as a letter-pressed poster through my etsy shop. My quote? “More Wine & Less Whine.” I’m sure many parents can agree with the sentiment, lol.

Why am I posting this? I’d like to be able to keep track of my progress of hand lettering to see where I get at the end of the year. Hopefully, I’ll see some progress!

*Referral link; I get $10 and you get $10 off your first class!