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Daintiest Butterfly Cupcakes

daintybutterfly2daintybutterfly3 daintybutterfly

My kiddo’s birthday is coming up and I’m all about special birthdays. The one thing she asked for was a butterfly cupcakes for her class. I’d done the Hello, Cupcake butterflies before for her first birthday but wanted to try out a new technique. This one was super challenging as the wings kept breaking, but I finally managed to get them done. I present the daintiest butterfly cupcakes I’ve ever done.

They ended up looking gourmet, but I kid you not, that’s Pillsbury Funfetti cake there (from a box). So yellowish cake with some sprinkles in it and plain ol’ vanilla frosting. The butterflies were done with this technique with melting candy wafers. They turned out lovely but really, I should’ve practiced more. Some tricks and tips for these cupcakes:

  • Pipe enough on the outlines so that they don’t break at the edges and thin on the inside so that they make the lacy effect. It takes some playing around and careful hands.
  • As soon as you’re done piping and you are folding the wings together, make sure you aren’t pushing down hard to get the mirror impression (for the other side of the dainty wings). I got a bit of a technique down by doing half the wings, folding them, flipping them to the other side and just lightly tapping on all parts of the wings so that they stuck to the other side of the wax paper (and then opening them, as the tutorial goes).
  • I let the wings set three ways: Open air, in the refrigerator, and in the freezer. The freezer worked best. Since the wings were so thin, sometimes they wouldn’t set correctly on the counter. In the fridge they took a bit of time (and I was in a hurry) so I put them in the freezer and that seemed to work best.
  • It also helped to peel them in the freezer (me standing outside an open freezer door, holding the butterflies in the freezer).
  • Food tweezers! Again, so thin, these butterflies were melting at the touch of my hand… so to set them in, I used food tweezers/tongs. Much easier.
  • I think next time, I’ll probably try the dual color ones or perhaps adding non-pareils for a more delicate touch.

Today I used:

Today, we graduated Kindergarten


I say “we” because it was a journey fraught with ups and downs, but a good experience for all nonetheless. We couldn’t have asked for a better K teacher than Ms. R and we will miss her. They held the celebration today along with the awards assembly. I brought these for my big Kindergarten graduate ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally got them off Pinterest, I won’t lie. The hat is made from a mini- Reeses cup and a Ghiradelli square; the button is a mini-M&M and the tassel is part of a sour belt! All glued together with some extra melting wafers I had. I didn’t eat one but they looked yum!

Bake Sale Cupcakes and a special Birthday Cupcake :)

Today, my group of friends put on a bake sale. It’s something we do every year to raise money for our Relay for Life team. I volunteered to make mini cupcakes and made these little owly guys to tempt some kiddies ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yesterday was also my friend Alisa’s (from Sweet Party Treats) birthday and I knew I’d see her at the bake sale today. She’s a big fan of Hello Kitty and I wanted to make her a little something special ๐Ÿ™‚ I think she liked it! The topper’s made completely out of fondant and the cake is triple chocolate with chocolate frosting.

A Wedding Cake

This is a cutting cake for a wedding I baked for. The couple asked for these flower cupcakes and then a matching cake to cut for pictures. It’s my very first full-sized fondant cake (and was loads easier to do than the teeny weeny little wedding cake i did). Not sure why it looks uneven in the second pic, it was even ๐Ÿ™‚ (angle of the pic maybe?)

cake chocolate
frosting buttercream
decoration marshmallows and fondant

and the matching cupcakes:

More Babyshower gifts!

tie onesies with matching shoes for Cristina’s baby shower

tutorialย tie onesies