Leprechaun bento with a Rainbow side


In keeping with the St. Patrick’s day theme, today’s bento is an Elmo leprechaun. A couple of weeks ago, the kiddo and I were shopping and found an Elmo cutter at the supermarket. Ever so caring, she thought her sister would love an Elmo sandwich and begged me to buy it. So here I am, trying to get some work out of that Elmo cutter! I’m also making use of a Christmas present from my cousin-in-law: a mustache cutter! I love this mustache cutter– so fun.

Sandwich PB&Jam as usual. The eyes have (dried) blueberry pupils and a mellowcreme pumpkin reshaped nose. The mustasche is the crust end of the sandwich.
Sides Green Grapes and kiwi cut into shamrocks; in the additional container, I put strawberries, clementines, green grapes and dried blueberries.

Today I used:

St Patricks Day Theme Food - Fun Bento Lunch

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