Monarch Butterfly

Ahh so many butterfly bentos. Truth is, I like butterflies. And so does the kiddo. And this unit is insect week at school. So a monarch butterfly bento, meant to look like a real butterfly more than just a pretty one. I’m not sure I’m really psyched about how it came out. There are better bento-ers out there than me at wielding the food-safe markers! Anyhow, it should make a the kiddo happy, as I also let her take a very delicate set of dried and mounted butterflies to school today — so this is a treat!

Sandwich PB&Jam on wheat, as usual. Lines of butterfly done with food safe markers and the little dots with Marshmallow Bits. Raisins for the body.
Sides Orange flower with a raspberry middle; bluebberies and green grape stem.

Today I used:

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