Pizzettes, part 1

Today’s lunch was about hearts <3 🙂 When there are a lot of “feelings” around my house (hurt feelings, frustrated feelings, jealousy feelings, etc.) I try to make sure the kiddo knows there are love feelings, too. Last night, she was really jealous of her sister and so we had a talk and lots of hugs but this morning, when I found out I still had a heart-shaped “pizzette” in our freezer pizza stash, I knew it was meant to be. I actually have made quite a few pizzette shapes for her lunches but am still perfecting the way to get them both delicious AND attractive… right now, melting cheese is my nemesis 😛 Until now, I was pre-cooking and freezing the pizzas and then re-heating in a toaster oven, which makes them melt and spread even more. Hmmm… I think next time I’ll pre-cook with just the sauce and add the cheese afterwards when I’m re-heating. In the butterfly below, I kinda did that and added some extra cheese but they didn’t heat up enough to melt properly (mainly because the butterfly already had cheese on it and I didn’t want it burning.

Anyhow, here they are!


(Hearts lunch above)

Main Cheese Pizzette (there were two, one underneath the heart) with ranch for dipping.Teeny cheese heart in the ranch dressing.
Sides Grape hearts and a heart cookie.
Also included (not pictured) a sliced kiwi


(Butterfly lunch above)

Main Cheese Pizzette with ranch for dipping.
Sides Dried blueberries, grape flower and raspberry center
Also included (not pictured) a sliced kiwi and a yogurt

Today I used:

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