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Amazing Women Series: Sacagawea Bento

Amazing Women: Sacagawea | OneCraftyThing.com

For our second week of the Amazing Women series, I chose one of the most interesting of native women: Sacagawea (with a hard “g,” apparently). A girl, really, because she was only sixteen when she joined the Lewis and Clark AND a pretty kick-butt girl because she had a baby in the midst of the journey. In most lore, she is said to have lead the party but through a little research, I found that while she did lead them at times, she was mostly a skilled negotiator with tribes they encountered along their exploration, a good communicator having spoken several different languages, and a knowledgeable naturalist that could provide the party with wild plants that were edible or medicinal. She had a short life (25 when she died) but she had a great influence on American history.

This week’s book? Who Was Sacagawea?

In this lunch:

Main A cream cheese sandwich topped with a piece of mozzarella painted with her portrait (loosely based on her $1 coin) painted with food dye
Sides Goldfish (representing the fish-heavy culture of the Shoshone people, to which Sacagawea belonged) and an orange with wing food picks (as her name translates into “bird woman”)
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today, I used:

Bento USA

A Sushi Chef & Baby Ebi Sushi



I didn’t think about posting this because I just made it for Halloween but then a friend mentioned that I should put it up because some other babywearers could get ideas from it 🙂 So here is my costume for this year. I was a sushi chef and I covered a mei tai in white felt and stuck a giant shrimp on it and so my littlest kiddo became an ebi roll. It was great for a costume for him because he was just in a onesie and some (sushi print) pants and when he got tired, hot, or antsy of being in the carrier, I just took him out quickly and let him do his thing. Then when he was sleepy or hungry, back up he went 🙂

A babywearing bento for the end of International Babywearing Week 🙂 

PB&J sandwich (she hasn’t had one in 4 days!) with cheese slice hair and a fruit leather baby wrap; the eyes are just black (Halloween) circle sprinkles. Also, grape hearts!  

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Babywearing peg dolls can be found at lasandri.etsy.com

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International Babywearing Week Cupcakes with wooden cupcake topper to match the logo!

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Babywearing Peg dolls for our group’s International Babywearing Week 2012  Celebration!

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NINO cupcakes for my Babywearing International annual celebration. The NINO is a classic part of the Didymos (wrap brand) logo:

The tricky parts are definitely the thinner ones. This was a good piping exercise!

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For International Babywearing Week (Oct 10-16)

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