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Tropical End of Summer Watermelon

For the end of the summer, some good friends threw a potluck pool party. I’m a potluck one-trick-pony by this point and decided to take advantage of the possibly last of the good watermelons of the summer. I wanted something slightly summer themed and found a great image of a pineapple parrot on the web. A MUST DO! So here it is, an end-of-summer, tropical themed fruit plate.

First, an up-close of my favorite part, the parrot!
Tropical Parrot Fruit Salad with Tutorial | OneCraftyThing.com

As you can see, it’s made from the top of a pineapple. This is how I did it:

  1. Cut the top of the pineapple off the body. I cut about 4 inches down to be conservative in allowing myself enough room to make a head.
  2. Carve away the pineapple into a dome. Remember, this is the parrot’s head, so I made it slightly oblong so that it flowed into the beak.
  3. Using kitchen shears, cut off all the leaves closest to the head. Try to cut some long because we will be using those later for the wings.
  4. Carve a small carrot into a beak-like shape. I used a curved carving knife. Remember that parrots have hooked beaks so try to make sure you curve the beak. I also added a bottom beak from a small piece of carrot.
  5. Attach the carrot with a half of a toothpick (or if you have 2 pieces, two halves of a toothpick). I put the pointy part into the carrot and the blunt part into the watermelon.
  6. Place the long pieces of the cut leaves in the position of wings. I cut them so there was a small, medium, and long one. To place them I simply tucked them in between the cut pieces.
  7. I was going to use blueberries originally for the eyes, but they were huge. I used candy eyes. I made a little cuts into the pineapple for eye sockets. Careful if you use candy; they don’t do well in wet places (the black middle could run) so be careful when you place them. They held up throughout the party though, until my kiddos ate them 😉
  8. Place the parrot on the watermelon bowl with two toothpicks.

Here is the fruit salad with bowl; I used watermelon (balled), strawberries, red grapes, and green grapes. I used soem of the green grapes too, to look like leaves around the watermelon bowl.

Tropical Parrot Fruit Salad with Tutorial | OneCraftyThing.com

For this fruit salad I used:

Tiny Terrariums

Passing the time during summer requires a bit of creativity. As I was passing our sink, I found some little glass jars that had a previous incarnation as creme brulee holders and decided that we would do some little terrariums in them. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just with some stuff we had around the house. We took the jars, filled them with dirt and we happen to have a mature spider plant with little offshoots that we carefully took off the plant and placed them in our wet dirt. My kiddo is an avid rock collector and had found some interesting ones so we each used some of her collection to add some rocky interest. Then, we went around the house looking for tiny things to put in them. I had imagined a dinosaur-themed one so I found a teeny dino to put in. The kiddo wanted a fairy garden instead and so she has a fairy and a bird (the fairy, she said, is an animal fairy). It was a cute summer project and it took up some time/provided entertainment so I’m calling it a success 🙂

I think this might also be a good activity to do at a birthday party or at a playdate!


My dinosaur one: terr2

The Fairy Garden: terr1

This is not an Angry Bird ™. It’s just a bird that’s angry 😉 I just started making this up and it ended up looking kinda like (but not exactly) the black Angry Bird, but it wasn’t really intentional from the beginning. 

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