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A Birthday Bento


It’s my kindergarten kiddo’s sixth birthday. SIX! I kinda went crazy on the bento. Kinda πŸ˜‰

Main Nutella and fresh strawberry jam (made Monday by her dad) sandwich on wheat with sprinkles around the “cake” round. The candle is a pretzel covered with fruit roll up to look red, topped with a candy covered sunflower seed. The little person is made with one large strawberry, cherries for hands, a cheese slice for a face, nori for eyes and mouth. The hair is just the wax from the cheese that I opened (a Laughing Cow one).
Sides Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and cantaloupe.

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Cutey Lunch


This was Tuesday’s bento that I’m posting now because I had a looong night… I am making preparations for the K-Kiddo to turn SIX! Tomorrow is the day and I am trying to make it special by making up some fun stuff that I’ll post on the blog tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Snacky Stuff Laughing Cow cheese round, butter crackers, fruit salad (with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries), cherries and pistachios in the little container.

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Today’s bento is a crabby one. A friend of mine asked me to figure out how to make a crab from a strawberry… well, I’m fresh out of strawberries! I used them up yesterday (they were about to go bad). Anyhow, I went ahead and made a crab bagel sandwich instead πŸ™‚ Hope she likes it!

Sandwich Bagel and cream cheese with bagel claws and bagel eyes (with mini M&Ms for pupils). Blushy cheeks with pink food safe pen.
Sides Blueberries (in my new Lunchbots dip container), pistachios. I also added a yogurt (not pictured).

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At the Bottom of the Ocean


This bento was actually done on yesterday because I woke up super early and had time. This section’s theme in Kindergarten is ocean animals so I thought I would do a ocean floor theme. I’m particularly in love with the strawberry squid! It was so easy and I think I know how to improve it (for the next time I randomly need another strawberry squid, you know). The cheese originally was just plain but K-Kiddo decided it looked like an eel, so I stuck an eye on it last minute and it became an eel, lol. Had I her imagination, I would’ve made it look more eel-like! I am also particularly happy that I managed to NOT make a sandwich lunch, for variety πŸ™‚

Included Banana bread “reef” and goldfish crackers; strawberry squid with candy eye and blueberry water; fresh mozarella stick eel with candy eye

Edit: I made up a quick tute on how to cut the squid. It’s pretty simple, but I think it ends up pretty cute!

Step 1: Using a paring knife, cut off strawberry tops of one large and one slightly smaller strawberry.
Step 2: Cut smaller strawberry from the bottom up to about a quarter inch from the top. These are your “arms”/tentacles — fan them out as soon it’s cut.
Step 3: Cut two small “wings” toward the bottom of the larger strawberry — these are the arrow-like part of the squid.
Step 4: Arrange on blueberries so that the tops are facing each other. “Glue” eye to strawberry using frosting or peanut butter.


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Field Trip Day!

Today the Kindergarten Kiddo had her very first field trip, for which I was chaperoning. Although they didn’t have to bring a bag lunch, they were required to carry their lunch bags with them all day long and I knew that was just asking for it to get lost. So I made a special lunch bag to take on the field trip with everything being disposable, from the plastic container (a re-used deli meat container) to the paper cupcake cups (which actually were not very good at keeping the food apart this time, but the pistachios and the crackers were dry so it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if the kiddo hadn’t accidentally dropped water into the container! Oops.) And I thought to keep it simple since it was such an exciting day already. I did take my creative impulse out on the lunch bag but alas, she didn’t notice the bag really– too much excitement from her first ride on a school bus and being at a zoo with her school friends. Ahh well. Here is our simple lunch:


And here is the lunch bag. I admit I was inspired byΒ this guy; I just did it my own way.

Sandwich Almond Butter and Jam (we’re getting fancy!) cut with a butterfly cutter.
Sides Goldfish crackers and pistachios; little box of raisins.

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Frog Kingdom


Today’s theme is frogs πŸ™‚ I’ve honestly been lacking motivation lately as we are on our fourth or fifth cold of the season. It’s been crazy! However, whenever I loose inspiration, I tend to use my supplies to inspire me, whether I need to start using up a certain food so it doesn’t go bad or use a cookie cutter that I haven’t used in a while. Today, it was the latter πŸ™‚

Sandwich PB&J on whole wheat, as usual. Crown and eyes also made with fruit leather. Eye highlights are made with marshmallow bits.
Sides Clementine orange with sprinkles for eyes and a fruit roll up for a tongue. I also put in grapes and a strawberry to look like a flower with a fly on it (raisin with almond sliver wings).

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Today, we had a no-bread crisis at our house so tortellini it was for lunch! I will forever struggle with making tortellini look good so I decided to make the “side” a bento instead. So, to go with yesterday’s theme, a caterpillar garden it was.

Sides A caterpillar made of vanilla crackers and pretzel antennae as well as candy eyes (I’m kinda loving the candy eyes right now). The little guy is eating strawberry flowers and is surrounded by craisins.

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The Dollhouse Furniture Continued…

I’m bound and determined to get some of the more fun projects done with Kindergarten Kiddo around this week. So I tried to finish up the furniture in their dollhouse (see previous dollhouse kitchen postΒ here) … only to be put back in the dollhouse furniture making business a half-hour after these pictures were taken… obviously I need to make these things more Preschool Kiddo proof πŸ˜› Among the casualties were part of the stove and the utter annihilation of the bunk bed.

The whole dollhouse:

Living room, now with art on the walls and a TV (with TiVo!)dollhouseliving

Bedroom with bunk bed, wall portrait, desk with chair, nightstand & lamp:

Le Toilet! Literally, a toilet, a “Jacuzzi tub”, wall mirror and sink:Β dollhousebathroom

Oh well, at least I have pictures. Back to the workroom.

Easter Bento


Since today is our last day before Easter, I made the Kiddo an Easter bento! Love to make these little chicks because they come out super cute, but they are tricky little suckers. I made these last night and left them in the fridge, but I think next time I’ll make the eggs at night and cut them in the morning — the fridge dried them out some and made them slightly crusty at the yolk πŸ˜› Also, note to self: do not leave open baby carrots in a fridge — they can and will wilt and dry up πŸ™ I didn’t have time to cut more carrots so unfortunately, that’s why the carrots in this picture look a little sad. The Kiddo is appreciating broccoli more now so I added some fresh broccoli in hopes that she will eat it at school.

This mini-snack bento I added as a little treat. I just HAD to work the treat bunny egg into an Easter bento. HAD TO.

Main Bento Yay no sandwich today! Needed to work in some protein so made some chickie eggs with black sprinkle eyes and a carrot beak– chick eggs cut with a v-shaped knife to make my life a whole lot simpler. Whole wheat crackers and a Swiss cheese bunny head. Broccoli for grass. Baby carrots (a tad dry!)
Snack Bento Annie’s Cheddar bunnies; a little chocolate carrot and inside the treat bunny, a handful of pistachios. I also added a fresh cut apple into her lunch because she needed some fruit in there for sure.

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A Kiss-and-Make-Up Bento


I must admit, yesterday was a sort of tense day in the house. I had to work in my office and my husband was taking care of our kiddos. The Preschool Kiddo was just coming off of being sick and was extra super clingy. The Baby Kiddo is, well, a baby — although he will sit by himself pretty relaxed, he still needs to be held and tended sometimes, which is difficult when the other one is stuck to you like glue. My sweet husband did tend to them both though (plus got a couple of important house tasks done) and was doing a pretty good job. This situation wears down even the most patient of parents, though; and add a third child — well, soon you have a screaming baby, a tantrumy Preschooler and a Kindergarten Kiddo with hurt feelings. I wish I could say that when I got off work I was patient and helpful, but honestly, I was just thinking I needed to finish some paperwork to finish my job and then log onto work again to answer some questions. And by the time I got off work it was dinner time, Kiddos were hungry, tired, and crazy — I was grumpy I couldn’t get my work done, they were wound-up, husband was tired… well, short tempers all around. I won’t lie. There was yelling. There were frustrated “ARGHs.” There were unkind words from all parties involved, to all parties involved.

In the end, it was one of those days.

At bed time, Kindergarten Kiddo confided in her dad that she felt we were all being mean to her last night. And when he told me, I felt rotten. I didn’t want to be mean. I didn’t want her to feel that people were being mean to her in her own home. I wanted to say I was sorry but when he told me, we were two hours past bedtime.

I felt I needed to make amends. Right that minute.

So I made a Kiss-and-Make-Up Bento — very late at night, since I couldn’t sleep. It looks like a Valentine’s Day bento with all the hearts and love, but really that’s all I wanted to give her. Hearts and love. We did make up this morning with hugs, and I showed her the bento I made last night. And today there were soft whispers (so as to not wake the baby!) There were walk by kisses. There were gentle words.

And a happy kiddo and a slightly sleep-deprived but happier mom.

Sandwich PB&J stamped with a *heart* you sandwich stamp I got from Target’s Dollar Spot
Sides Strawberry cut into a heart; apples cut into hearts; craisins skewered on heart food picks.

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