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Severed Body Parts Bento


To continue the Halloween theme, today’s bento is severed body parts! In an effort to get more protein into my carb-loving child, I made her this batch of gross body parts. The complete glee in her eyes when she realized she could totally gross her friends out with the fingers alone was enough to make her agree to it all, lol. Sorry for the craptastic lighting… usually I use natural light but today it’s gray gray gray out 😛

In this bento:

Main  All-beef kosher hot dog “fingers” (we’re not Jewish and so don’t keep kosher but it makes me feel better that they answer to a higher power when preparing their food 😉 ) with little apple slices for nails. One eyeball egg marbled with red food coloring. The iris is cheese on top of nori and the pupil is nori. The highlight in the eye is just half a ghost sprinkle.
Sides  Apple vampire mouth with almond sliver teeth, gummy brains
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Today I used:

Easter Eggs


The kiddos and I dyed eggs yesterday. In my quest to make it as easy (and mess-free) as possible, I bought an egg spinner. It was a pretty good time had by all. We also colored some eggs with regular ol’ crayons 🙂

Down here are my personal pet project eggs. I wanted to see how I could work a drawing on an egg. Turns out Sharpies are a bit difficult to maneuver on eggs, but I think they came out nicely.




Today I used:

Save the Muppets Bento 🙂  Chef (face and hand) is PB& Jam (was supposed to be turkey sandwich but there is no turkey to be found in my fridge), with a mozzarella cheese hat, and a spice drop nose. The contrasting mustache and eyebrows are bread crust and his sleeve is a marshmallow. The chicks are hard-boiled eggs with carrot beaks and black sprinkles for eyes. 

Yes, I realize that the Swedish Chef is not a Sesame Street character, and to my knowledge, has not appeared on PBS. But all the Muppets support each other and so here’s my tribute! Also, I had a chicken/chick theme planned for today so I wanted to adjust my theme to my political (?) message. 

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