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Does a bear poop in the woods? A Charmin(g) Bento


Yesterday, I was getting the kiddos ready for school and scrolling through my usual websites when a friend showed me a blog post by Baby Sideburns, which was about the pressure she felt from all those Pinterest lunches that she sees. She pointed out my Elsa lunch (in a rather funny matter) as an example of doing too much for lunch time. I totally get that– I know it’s not for everyone and I’ve had people tell me that I’m nuts for doing this at all. I must have too much time on my hands (nope, 3 small children, household, and a job) or I must be trying to make other kids jealous of mine (nope, I know my kid’s whole class — I used to teach them drawing — and every kid who mentioned it to me seems pretty cool about it) or whatnot.

I know I’m rambling a bit. Stay with me here.

I know some people see the Pinterest stuff as one mom one-upping the next. But call me an idealist when I say that I hope that more than making people feel bad, I (and all my Pinterest-posting crafty friends) am really looking to put out inspiration into the world. Not only inspiration to make lunches fun, ( because, I know just as well as anyone that lunch is just lunch), but really, to make some mundane tasks (packing kid lunches!) more fun for me and once in a while, make a kid smile. That ain’t so bad, is it?

So to make myself smile, my kiddo smile (potty humor is big around here), and hopefully some of my followers smile, today I made a bear pooping in the woods bento. And I want to tell everyone, I was inspired by Baby Sideburns’ bento! Thanks Baby Sideburns!

In today’s lunch:

Main A PB & strawberry jam bear sandwich; the toilet roll is a piece of a Pirouette wafer wrapped in a little bit of white fondant. The bear poop is mini chocolate chips 😉
Sides Trail mix and galia melon trees
Also included but not pictured A fuji apple for snack time

Today I used:

Forest Friends


Today’s theme is forest friends! Well, it started out as a bear lunch but I couldn’t resist these two little picks so I had to use them. Forest friends it is! I have also been looking for a “friends” type of theme because I’ve recently become a part of Bento Bloggers and Friends. Check it out! We post great giveaways.

Sandwich Triple-stacked PB&J bears. I managed to get them triple stacked by cutting three pieces of the bear out of two slices of bread and then spreading the pb&j. I really wish the stamp on the bears would’ve shown up better, so I actually filled them in with some sprinkles and a marker.
Sides Green grape flower with a raspberry center; Kiwi cut up into medallion… in retrospect, I wish I had made them flower shaped so the tree didn’t just look like a great big circle!
Also included (not pictured) A yogurt and a nectarine.

Today I used: