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Watermelon Flowers All Over the Place

Fruity Little Flowers | OneCraftyThing.com

So I’ve been watermelon crazy for a bit now, which is funny, because I don’t really care for watermelon (I’m more a berry type of girl), but I am really loving carving it! It’s actually a skill that doesn’t come easy to me and I really like the challenge of a completely new medium and working with a totally foreign tool (I don’t use knives much in my work). It’s been really fun to do potluck watermelons so far.

Yesterday our elementary school had an event for parent volunteers and asked us each to bring a dish for six people. I brought these little cups full of blackberries, grapes, watermelons, and golden honeydews (with blueberry middles), in the shape of flowers. Super easy to do and a little fun for the kids. I think they might be great for a fairy, garden, or butterfly themed birthday as well.


  1. Using a melon baller, make watermelon balls (my baller has two sizes, I used the smaller one)
  2. Layer blackberries, grapes and watermelons on top.
  3. Use flower cutter to cut out flowers from honeydew melon. Err on the side of thicker slices/flowers.
  4. Using a skewer (or long toothpick), use the blunt side to skewer the flower and then stick it into the fruit. I used grapes to anchor the flower, since they were the firmest fruit in the cup.
  5. Cut a blueberry in half. You don’t need anything to stick them on, just place them in the middles… the suction of the berry and the melon is enough to keep them on.
  6. Cut a green grape in half and trim them so they have a leaf shape.
  7. Place grape “leaves” at the base of the stem, using other fruit to prop them up.

Fruity Little Flowers | OneCraftyThing.com

I had bought personal watermelons for this, and part of the melon was just big enough to fit in the middle compartment of this (dollar store!) platter. So I carved a small rose with some leaves. A note about personal watermelons: they seem to be quite soft and easy to carve… which is good and bad. Good because you don’t need a lot of pressure, bad because sometimes it’s quite easy to slip and cut something you don’t want to cut.

Fruity Little Flowers | OneCraftyThing.com

I *think* people liked them because they were gone in less than five minutes (or however long it took me to get my and the kiddos’ plates of food ready).

The watermelon below was actually one I bought just for practice. I wanted to see what I could do if I dedicated the time to carefully carve without the pressure of getting everyone ready to go to a party. It came out better than they previously had and I took time to learn how to really carve with some great tutorials on youtube.

Watermelon Rose | OneCraftyThing.comWatermelon Flower | OneCraftyThing.com

The watermelon below is one I brought to our family’s Mother’s Day celebration. It was supposed to be a rose… but it went downhill fast right after I started carving the middle, so improvisation! It ended up a much easier daisy. It was my first attempt at a rose and when I found out it was a LOT harder than it looks. Not the worst design, though.

Watermelon Flower | OneCraftyThing.com

Happy carving!

For these projects I used:

Watermelon Shark


Watermelons are back in season! Summer+potluck = watermelon carving. I used to take cupcakes to potlucks but I like bringing fruit because I know my kids will eat it (I know they’ll eat cupcakes too, but I kinda feel better about them eating the fruit) and because it takes a lot less time to carve one large watermelon instead of decorating 25 little cupcakes. So for a friend’s housewarming, I thought I’d do a fun summer shark, which I’ve never had an excuse to do before. In it, I put watermelon balls, cantaloupe balls (and big and tiny fish), and grapes.

I am particularly digging the big fish in his mouth. It was silly, but totally necessary. Here is a detail shot.


All in all, it’s totally fun to do these watermelons. I expect to do more through the summer!

Potluck Watermelons

I had two back-to-back potlucks this weekend. Yesterday, we had a school activity bbq type of thing and we had to bring something to the potluck so I thought that fruit would be nice, and, pumped by my recent apple carving, I decided to make an owl watermelon bowl. He came out pretty good, I think. Apparently, there is National Watermelon Promotion Board, and they have a TON of ideas of how to carve a watermelon. I liked their owl idea but I didn’t like that the eyes were made of Oreos… I’m a fruit purist when it comes to watermelon sculptures? Anyhow, I changed the eyes and the beak and the feet up a bit and I came up with this:


I wish I had taken a 3/4 shot so we could see the fruit holding part (which was half the back). Anyhow, instead of Oreos, I put orange slices for eyes with black grapes, orange feet, and a carrot beak. The apple I had carved the day before (it was the other half of the Flower Power bento). So I just put it in for a little more decoration (since I had tried to make some kiwi lotuses and they just did NOT work). In the owl, I used a watermelon (balled), green grape, and black grape salad.

Today’s potluck was for a good friend’s babyshower who was on her third baby but had never had a babyshower because she’s from Sweden, where babyshowers aren’t very common. So some friends and I threw one for her and made it a potluck. Everyone contributed a bit and some of my super talented friends made gorgeous animal shaped cookies and beautiful cakes. It was so inspiring! My contribution was a baby in a carriage. Not my own original idea (hello, Pinterest!) but one I always wanted to try.


All the ones out there that I had seen always looked a little creepy, though, with blueberries for eyes (or just black grapes) and seriously looked like they were just staring out blankly into space. So my addition to this design was to add the white parts of the eyes so the baby didn’t look quite so… scary. For the whites I used white melting wafers (white chocolate) and for the highlights in the eyes (which I believe makes a big difference) I used a ghost shaped sprinkle (Halloween sprinkles). I also saw online that some people would put lace around the watermelon to give it a more detailed feel but like I said, I’m a fruit sculpture purist, so I decided to skip the lace and instead carved some detail out in the top of the watermelon. I think it looks a bit cleaner that way. Here is a detail of the face:


One last thing that I did is purposely put in a green pacifier as I think that it goes more harmoniously with the rest of the colors of the fruit.

So there you go, my watermelon carvings 🙂 I am pretty happy with the way they turned out and I think others enjoyed them, too.

Today I used:

Fruity Flowers

Fruity Flowers | OneCraftyThing.com

I’ve always wanted to try doing this. I’ve eaten (and loved!) Edible Arrangements for a while. I think they’re a great gift to give but seriously, they cost SO much. Even a really small bouquet is above $50. I had a potluck party to attend today and on a whim buying fruit last night, I went ahead and bought my supplies to make this. It was made of pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, and blueberries. I used a flower cookie cutter I had around from Easter, but it was plastic and took a bit of effort to get the flowers nice and even, so I think next time I’ll just buy a metal cutter for this. Surprisingly, the whole thing took much less time than I thought (an hour and a half, maybe two?) and came out cute for a first try. I think it would’ve been even better if I had used a floral foam for the arrangement, but I actually just used the top of the pineapple to stick the sticks in. Next try will hopefully be much more artfully arranged! And I think next time I’ll include chocolate dipped strawberries.

Some tips on making them:

  • Melon ballers make perfect half spheres for the middles.
  • Hold them to the middles to the pineapple flowers with toothpicks but cut off the sharp ends with scissors so no one pokes themselves

Today I used:

Initial/Name Bento. Note to self: sprouted wheat bread is not pretty. 

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