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A Toy Story Bento

A Toy Story Bento | OneCraftyThing.com
In this lunch:

Today, the kiddo asked what she was going to get for a special lunch and I decided to surprise her. Truth was, I had absolutely NO idea what to do. I was inspiration-less! And suddenly I looked into the toy, um, pile and saw a Mr. Potato Head sticking out. And so this lunch was inspired by my kiddos’ mess. At least it’s good for something!

Main PB&J sandwich with PB as on the face as well. The black parts (mustache, eyebrows, pupils) are all pieces of blueberries except for the bowler hat (that was wilton dough). Ears were slices of mandarins and eyes were made up of bread. The mouth was a small piece of raspberry.
Sides A green alien kiwi. I used a full kiwi and held it in place with the silicone cup. The ears are cut up pieces of kiwi (with the skin on, for rigidity) and the little antenna on his head is a piece of kiwi topped with a skinned blueberry on top. In the next compartment, some Pirate Booty with cheddar stars.
Also Included but not Pictured Yogurt and a string cheese.

Today, I used:

A Simple St. Patrick’s Day Bento

Simple St. Patrick's Day Bento Lunch | OneCraftyThing.com

I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for St. Patrick’s Day’s lunch and thought up a few different themes. In the end, I decided to go really simple clover themed (with a couple of extra goodies in there!). I just love when a simple lunch comes together and practically anyone can make this!

In this lunch:

Main A PB&J heart sandwich with a cut out clover. The green under the cut out was a small spot of peanut butter with some green food dye. I cut out the clover with a tiny heart cutter.
Sides Trail mix with two little chocolate coins and green grapes cut into hearts (and held together with a toothpick) and arranged like a clover. The grape-clover sits on top of a piece of lettuce, but there are more grapes under that.
Also Included but not Pictured Yogurt and a banana

Today, I used:

The Reign of the Fairy Dinosaur Girly Birthday Party

So M wanted a dinosaur party. A pink girly dinosaur party. With fairy wings and crowns. And since I couldn’t find a set of pink fairy dinosaurs, I had to make my own and here it is: 

The Dessert table:

The Banner right above it (done custom by my friend Alisa at Sweet Party Treats)

and she made some cupcake toppers for us too for the volcano cupcakes 🙂

We tried to have fun foods like these dinosaur claws (madeleines with almond sliver “claws”)…

And some foods for tiny fingers, like these yogurt raisins we called “Tiny Dino Eggs”

Some of the table details like the pink dinosaurs (spray painted dollar store dinos, for decoration only — don’t want the kids sticking them in their mouths and chipping off paint!) and the succulents for a pre-historic greenery feel)

Madame M’s personal cake, which she requested be different from the other regular cupcakes. Fondant dinosaur with fairy wings on milk chocolate cake with pink strawberry frosting. 

The party was held outside, where we set up everything in pink and green. I got a store-bought pinata in the appropriate colors at a local Mexican food market and ripped their images off the front and put M’s Fairy Dinosaur logo on it.

The table weights were a particularly good find at the dollar store… they’re supposed to be palm tree balloon weights for a luau party but they looked really prehistoric and had the added bonus of keeping the tablecloths from flying off the tables. 

We also wanted to have balloon hats of long-necked dinosaurs. My mother has taken a couple of balloon twisting classes and with the help of youtube and other online stuff, we came up with this design. I wish the long tails were visible! 

Some of the activities we had for the kids. The Dino Stomp: 

A Faux Fossil Forge (using play doh and some skeleton dinosaurs, the kids could make their own “fossils”) 

We also offered custom coloring pages, which are always a big hit. I drew them since I couldn’t find any out there. The first is just a Fairy Dinosaur scene to color; the second is a maze; and the third is a picture of the birthday girl herself to color in. I’m thinking about offering these custom face coloring pages on etsy, but haven’t decided yet. 

Ah and last but not least, the favors. We had simple bags and tissue paper and inside each was a dinosaur with fairy wings attached (felt wings on ribbon tied around the dinosaur); a mini play doh and skeleton dino (for fossils at home) and a dinosaur glider (which was really super fun to fly). 

And here is kind of a funny shot of when I was making the dinosaur wings for the dinos. Here they are migrating up my treadmill, lol. 

I did do face paintings at the party but didn’t get any pictures. All in all I think it was a fun party 🙂 M really liked it and told me so. And I’ve had my party fix for the year!