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A Costumed Kitty


Today, a simple masked kitty checking out some pumpkins. I put a little less food in today because the kiddo is having a hard time finishing lunch lately. Lots of talking at the lunch table, not so much eating 😉

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J on wheat; the mask was made with strawberry fruit leather.
Sides Green grapes, a mandarin “pumpkin” (fruit leather features), and a Trader Joe’s Joe Joe
Also included (but not pictured) Yogurt

Today I used:

A Casual Halloween Bento


That BBF hop yesterday was where all my creativity went 😉 Today’s Halloween lunch was a little more casual. A frog witch, who actually kind a looks like a sorcerer, a mallowcreme jack-o’-lantern, and some ghost chips were all that I could muster 😉 stay tuned for some more fun Halloween bentos next week though!

Main PB&J with green peanut butter! I put a few drops of food coloring into the peanut butter to make it green. Maybe to make it look a little more froggy. Or maybe a little more witchy.
Sides ghost potato chips, trail mix with a mallowcreme jack-o’-lantern on top. I quickly drew a face on the mallowcreme pumpkin with an edible food marker.
Also included (but not shown) A kiwi and grape salad.

Today I used:



And it staaaaaarrrrrtttts! Spooky Halloween lunches begin anew. With only a couple of weeks until Halloween, I’m kicking off the themed lunches with a bang and taking part in the Bento Bloggers and Friends’ Frightful Fall Blog Hop. So today, we have:

Sandwich PB&J Vampire Bats
Sides A mandarin jack-o-lantern and an apple witch with a chocolate hat and two TJ’s Joe Joes.
Also included (not pictured) yogurt

And now to the next frightful blog!

Today I used:

Skully Bento



Today’s bento is skull-themed, to get us in the mood for Halloween! This weekend we’ll be bringing down the Halloween box and decorating our front lawn. The kids love it and so do I… This little skull is getting it started 😉

I really like the way the head came out. I’m using sugar skull cutters I just got over the weekend and they are FABULOUSLY cool. I didn’t use the stamping part (yet) but it looks really detailed and interesting too (link below).  Instead of the stamping, I used smaller cutters to (an oval, a heart and a moon) to make the cuts in the sandwich to be like a skull. I think it worked out 🙂

The one thing I wish I could get past here is the fact that I’m packing very similar sides everyday. Have you ever bought a TON of fresh produce (like fruits and veggies) and need to use them up right away before they go bad? That is my desperate attempt with the grapes and kiwis! They just need to get used up (so sorry for so many repeats!)

Main PB&Jam
Sides Kiwi, grapes, trail mix under the two gummy bones.
Also included (not pictured) Yogurt

Today I used:

Halloween Ghosts! PB&J and a few halloween treats: candy corn, yogurt covered raisins, grapes and marshmallow ghosts. 

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Zombie Cupcake 🙂 A special extra from the graveyard batch that had arms coming out of the cupcake (dripping in red gel blood) and holding a fondant brain! The little flower is fondant too. 

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Graveyard cupcakes 🙂 Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting with crumbled chocolate cake for the dirt, Coconut Cocada gravestones with chocolate piped letters; little candy corn for color. 

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Pumpkin Patch Bento


Pumpkin Patch bento 🙂 “Pumpkin” sandwiches are sandwich cupcakes  made with bread and PB&J and drawn on with orange food marker; the stems are pretzels and the curlicues are laffy taffy. In addition to the pumpkins, she also had some pirate booty, raisins, a banana and a yogurt in her lunch.

Vampire Bats! Sandwich bat is PB&J with candy eyes and a fruit leather mouth with marshmallow teeth; grape bat is red grape with red grape wings (cut into wing shapes) and tooth picked on; behind the red grape is a green grape background; the stars are marshmallows. 

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First Halloween Bento of the season 🙂 PB&J pumpkin sandwich (with Laffy Taffy leaf), PB&J mini ghost sandwiches on blueberries; a mandarin orange; raisins with spooky m&m eyes. 

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