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Simple and Fast Valentine


Valentine’s day is a “required” day for bentos at my house… hearts and love is always appreciated at lunch. However, pressed for time, I was having a bit of a hard time getting a lunch together this morning. Finally, a very quick, quite simple Valentine lunch was the answer and this all took 7 minutes. We even got to school on time.

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J triple stacked heart sandwich. I used a heart-inside-a-heart cookie cutter to shape it. Since it produced a small sandwich, I made it triple stacked. Also, because I had some extra bread left, I cut another set of sandwiches (half of the heart) and made it look like there were two hearts with one in front of the other. Inside the box, craisins with yogurt covered raisins.
Sides A mandarin with a heart and large globe grapes
Also included but not pictured Yogurt and water

Today, I used:

Secret Valentine

I played not-so-secret admirer today of the kiddo, so that she could have a fun Valentine’s Day lunch. This year our school has Friday off, so no Valentine’s Day lunch for her 😛 Boo! Hearts and love earlier in the week instead!

In this lunch:

Main PB&J on whole wheat “conversation” heart
Sides Cherry tomato hearts and strawberries. Also, secret message banana. I recently got a cookie cutter set with the ability to set custom letters and I used them to write her a message in her banana. By the time it gets to lunch, the message will be much darker. So fun! So this was my big debut with the cookie cutters.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

Today we are a part of a Valentine’s day hop with the Bento Bloggers and Friends! Hop on over to the next blog for more Valentine’s Day goodness!


Peace & Love Bento


Today’s theme is peace and love. I’m not sure if it’s our culture that is so pervasive in peace symbol imagery in young girls’ clothing or that little girls just naturally are drawn to such a simple symbol (most likely the former) but my daughter LOVES peace signs. Has-them-on-shirts-pants-underwear type of love. So today’s zen moment is attributed to the theme of peace and love. I wish I had a peace sign cookie cutter so it would’ve come out perfectly, but instead I drew the pattern on the inside of the bread and cut the bread with the wrong side of the knife for some clean cuts. It’s not a perfect peace sign, but made all the better because it has sprinkles inside (what I’ve heard referred to as a “fairy” sandwich, but eh, I just call them sprinkle sandwiches).

Main PB&Jam on whole grain white, covered in rainbow non-pareils
Sides Blueberries and green grapes
Additional sides (not pictured) yogurt and an orange

Today I used:

Valentine’s Day Feast


A Valentine’s Day Bento! I had a whole other bento design sketched out and planned but my plans were derailed when I saw heart-shaped ravioli at Costco. My kiddo’s favorite food is ravioli with pesto. She adores eggs too, so I got to try an egg technique that I’ve been meaning to play around with.

Main Dish Heart-shaped cheese ravioli with pesto and heart-shaped eggs
Sides Blueberries and heart-shaped strawberries

Hearts bento <3 PB& Jam sandwiches, grape hearts (held together with a pick) and a grape tomato heart (held together with a pick). I was really trying to figure out how to make my ingredients into hearts and I think it worked out! I might do a short tutorial to show how I cut the grapes so that they looked like little hearts 🙂 

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