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Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward all

Peace on Earth Bento Lunch | OneCraftyThing.com

2016 has been a hard year for many people. From division in politics in the US to cities around the world being attacked and senseless violence happening, it’s been weighing a bit hard on me this holiday season. Peace. I just want peace. So I tried to send some peace and love in the form of a school lunch. A bit silly? Perhaps, but it doesn’t hurt to send those good vibes into the universe.

In this lunch:

Main  Nutella sandwich in the shape of a dove because a little treat was needed for the holidays. Dove is holding a leaf bento pick and surrounded by roasted butter peanuts (in retrospect, I shouldn’t have put so many roasted nuts and will limit the treats later on — just thinking out loud!)
Sides Raspberries with green sprinkles and gala/granny smith apples cut into alternating slices. (I had the rest of the apples for breakfast that day 😉 )
Also included but not pictured Water and a granola bar.

Today, I used tools similar to these (please disable AdBlock to see what tools I used for this bento):

Happy Halloween Bento Lunch Time!

Halloween Bento | OneCraftyThing.com

We are so close to Halloween that I couldn’t break tradition, no matter how busy. I love Halloween. It’s my most favorite holiday. It’s so much fun! A simple pumpkin theme for this year!

In today’s lunch:

Main  PB Pumpkin sandwich (moon cutter for the mouth and small circle cutter for eyes) with Chex mix and yogurt raisins
Sides Grapes on pumpkin and bat picks and a mandarin “carved” (with a carving knife) like a jack-o’-lantern
Also included but not pictured Water and a granola bar, with an extra orange for snack.

Today, I used (please disable AdBlock to see what tools I used for this bento):

Oldies but Goodies Halloween Bento Lunch

Halloween Oldies but Goodies Bento | OneCraftyThing.com

Now that I’ve been doing bentos for quite a few years now, I find that holidays become a little harder to make bentos — I’ve done lots and lots of different themes and honestly, I start to run out of ideas! So today, I decided to go back to the Oldies but Goodies… ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, they’re all perfect for today’s bento. Plus I found this awesome butternut squash ravioli at Costco which looks adorable as a pumpkin.

In today’s lunch:

Main  Butternut squash ravioli with sprinkles for the face (two circles and a bat sprinkle) and a piece of grape stem for the stem. It has butter sauce at the bottom of the container.
Sides Green grapes covered with marshmallow spiderwebs (melted for 10 seconds in the microwave and pulled apart over the grapes. Black grapes held together with a toothpick for a spider (with candy laces for legs). On the left compartment, the spider “egg sack” is fresh little mozzarella packages. Also, ghost and bat chips.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt and water

Today, I used:

Them Bones Bento Lunch

Them Bones Bento Lunch | OneCraftyThing.com

I love October because that’s a time when all the spooky lunches come out. Today’s lunch? A boneyard. I’ve bought a treat last week at the store and have been waiting to use it! It’s the Cheetos 🙂 I don’t ever buy them but as a little treat, once in a while when they’re not bright orange, I’ll get them. This time, I found them in skeleton parts which I wish would’ve looked more like skeletons but eh, my kiddo loved them anyhow.

This is probably the third time we use the OmieBox. Overall impression: I like it, it’s a good box and allows for generous portions. Still bummed I can’t somehow attach a drink to it (besides a juice box) so that it can be self-contained but I found a  lunch bag in our stash that’s big enough for it and a water bottle.

In today’s lunch:

Main  A skull and bone shaped pair of PB&J sandwiches. I got the cutters at Williams Sonoma, but can’t find them there anymore 🙁
Sides Green grapes with skeleton food picks I picked up one year at Target, bone-shaped Cheetos, an apple carved into a skull, covered with food fresh to keep from browning

Today, I used:

An Advent Bento: 9 Days until Christmas!

An Advent Bento: 9 Days until Christmas | OneCraftyThing.com

Time for another installment of the Advent bentos! After yesterday’s debacle and not getting it together (lunch money was given), I had a little more time today to make an Advent lunch. It was simple, quick but I think the kiddo will like it, given that she’s been asking for a special treat in her lunch for a bit now.

And today’s advent surprise? Mini candy canes!

An Advent Bento: 9 Days until Christmas | OneCraftyThing.com

Main PB&Jam triple stacked tree with blue sixlets for ornaments and (a bit hard to see) snowflakes.
Sides A mandarin orange on the bottom and a carved apple on top with large non-pareils for snowflake-y accents and two mini candy canes.
Also included but not pictured Graham crackers and yogurt

Today I used:

Santa Claus Bento


Today’s bento is Santa themed! I had to slip at least one Santa in there before the holidays, as I’ve not been up on my holiday themed lunches this year as I have in the past. It’s been a very busy holiday season! It has a little more sugar than I usually put in, but I guess it’s ok once in a while. Anyhow, I’m participating in another blog hop today so after you’re done perusing around here, check out Eats Amazing’s amazing Santa lunch!

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J as usual! Beard is made of vanilla frosting, and the hat is a fruit roll up. I made little cuts in mini marshmallows for the pompon and the hat trim; also, holly sprinkles and charcoal round sprinkles for eyes.
Sides Pomegranate seeds and edamame, reindeer cookies (can you spot Rudolph?), the North Pole sign is just a marshmallow on a paper straw with frosting for the snow/icicles. The writing is made with a food marker.
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Today I used:

Now hop on over to Eat’s Amazing and check out another Santa Claus that’s coming to town!


Reindeer Christmas Bento 🙂 Sandwich as usual, using a gum drop Dot for a nose, marshmallows/mini M&Ms for eyes and pretzels for antlers. It’s hard to see but I tried to give him some eyebrows for some eye definition, too. Sides are pistachios and a little cup of M&Ms. 

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Wee Snowman made with spice drops, Rips, and jimmy eyes and nose. 

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Gingerbread (graham cracker) house for the holidays! Decorated with edible pearls, holly “sprinkles,” a green Lifesaver gummy wreath, and green and red Rips for the roof. 

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