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A Frozen Bento: Elsa


Catching up with some of my favorite shows last night, I was getting a bit restless for some creative time (watch shows/do something with my hands) and so today’s slightly complicated bento was born. I chose Elsa, the snow queen from Frozen because my kiddo, like every other kiddo under the age of 10 has been singing “Let it Go” for about six months straight now (I won’t even get into how we duet “Love is an Open Door.”) Anyhow, I have been wanting to do an Elsa lunch since Frozen came out, but Lunchbox Dad beat me to it, so I gotta give him credit for the great hair idea (he used Yummy Dough, though, while I used marzipan).

I must admit the hair and the eyes took the longest because the marzipan needed to be done in layers and the marshmallow is sticky to work with. It was fun to see her come together though. Next time, Anna 😀

Main PB&J sandwich, details drawn on with a foodwriter pen; eyes are cut marshmallows with blue M&Ms. The pupils are drawn on with the foodwriter, and the white highlights are just bits of marshmallow. Hair is marzipan, dyed with a little food coloring.
Sides Blueberries with snowflake shaped marshmallows (used a cherry blossom cutter on a marshmallow and then drew a snowflake on top) and snowflake sprinkles; green grapes on “crystal ice” food picks.
Also Included but not Pictured Applesauce, yogurt

Penguin Bento


Today’s bento theme was penguins… just because 🙂 It’s getting chillier out and it reminds me of cold and so on and so forth and then — penguins.

I’m kind of excited today because I just received my new Easy Lunch Boxes 😀 So nice and sturdily built. They are able to carry large portions (like full sandwiches in the main compartment and then some) and so don’t fit in our usual thermos lunch bag but do in another lunchbag we had. That lunchbag makes the whole thing stand upright and I hope the penguins make it to lunch, lol.

In today’s bento:

Main PB&J. The black part is nori, which might be eaten by my kiddo or might not (peeled off first). We shall see. The beak is an orange large circle sprinkle cut in a pie slice shape and the eyes are black flat circle sprinkles.
Sides Grapes, marshmallow “ice bergs” and some yogurt covered raisin “snowballs”

Today I used: