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At the Dog Park


I’m probably more excited about today’s lunch than I should be! Yesterday we had meatloaf for dinner and I was surprised to find out that the kiddo like it, after previous vehement declarations of absolutely disliking it. Maybe it was because I made them cupcake sized this time instead of a loaf? They kind of just looked like really big meatballs, so maybe that was it. Anyhow, I also made potatoes and steamed some romanesco, which is a much loved veggie around here. For a while now, I’ve been really trying to figure out how to get romanesco into the kiddo’s lunch because its so graphically intriguing (and super good for her). Anyhow, here it is, the dog park lunch 🙂

Main Meatloaf cupcake with Swiss cheese details and an olive nose.
Sides Garlic potatoes, romanesco, green grapes and a little cup of chocolate cookie bones.
Additional Sides (not pictured) Yogurt

Today I used