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Pinkie Pie


My bento friend, Lunchbox Dad, and I were talking about our affinity for My Little Pony and how our kiddos really like them. And we really ┬álike them. Since we’ve both done a pony or two (we’ve both done Rainbow Dash! Here is his and here is mine), we thought we’d tackle the same ponies around the same time. Up there is my Pinkie Pie and here is his. So cute. He really did a great job with the raspberries — a stroke of genius, really!

So here is my humble try at Pinkie Pie. In my kiddo’s lunch:

Main PB&J on whole wheat (white). Pinkie Pie was made with melting candy wafers — I first did an outline of Pinkie and filled it in with candy. The details on her face and body are done with food writer pens (pink and black) and her cutie mark is actually some Mickey Mouse sprinkles, missing one ear! Her hair is the same pink melting wafers with additional gel food coloring.
Sides Mandarin and grape (with a little alligator pick since Pinkie’s pet, Gummy, is a little alligator). Green and red grapes on heart picks.
Also Included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used: