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Happy Halloween Bento Lunch Time!

Halloween Bento | OneCraftyThing.com

We are so close to Halloween that I couldn’t break tradition, no matter how busy. I love Halloween. It’s my most favorite holiday. It’s so much fun! A simple pumpkin theme for this year!

In today’s lunch:

Main  PB Pumpkin sandwich (moon cutter for the mouth and small circle cutter for eyes) with Chex mix and yogurt raisins
Sides Grapes on pumpkin and bat picks and a mandarin “carved” (with a carving knife) like a jack-o’-lantern
Also included but not pictured Water and a granola bar, with an extra orange for snack.

Today, I used (please disable AdBlock to see what tools I used for this bento):

A Costumed Kitty


Today, a simple masked kitty checking out some pumpkins. I put a little less food in today because the kiddo is having a hard time finishing lunch lately. Lots of talking at the lunch table, not so much eating 😉

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J on wheat; the mask was made with strawberry fruit leather.
Sides Green grapes, a mandarin “pumpkin” (fruit leather features), and a Trader Joe’s Joe Joe
Also included (but not pictured) Yogurt

Today I used:

A Casual Halloween Bento


That BBF hop yesterday was where all my creativity went 😉 Today’s Halloween lunch was a little more casual. A frog witch, who actually kind a looks like a sorcerer, a mallowcreme jack-o’-lantern, and some ghost chips were all that I could muster 😉 stay tuned for some more fun Halloween bentos next week though!

Main PB&J with green peanut butter! I put a few drops of food coloring into the peanut butter to make it green. Maybe to make it look a little more froggy. Or maybe a little more witchy.
Sides ghost potato chips, trail mix with a mallowcreme jack-o’-lantern on top. I quickly drew a face on the mallowcreme pumpkin with an edible food marker.
Also included (but not shown) A kiwi and grape salad.

Today I used:

Pumpkin Patch Bento


Pumpkin Patch bento 🙂 “Pumpkin” sandwiches are sandwich cupcakes  made with bread and PB&J and drawn on with orange food marker; the stems are pretzels and the curlicues are laffy taffy. In addition to the pumpkins, she also had some pirate booty, raisins, a banana and a yogurt in her lunch.