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Super (Watermelon) Bowl

Super (Watermelon) Bowl | OneCraftyThing.com

Congrats, Pats!

Once again, it was Super Bowl! I’ll be completely honest again: I am not a football fan… BUT I am a fan of Super Bowl parties. Full-family get-togethers with some of my favorite families, including jumpy houses that will tire the kiddos out (and a frozen slushy margarita machine?!). Yes, please!

Once again, a potluck watermelon to the rescue. This year, I had a whole idea in mind that included the idea of a pigskin, but yeah, that did NOT work out. I even started to make it a tutorial but alas, big fail made me re-evaluate the design and do over the other 3/4 of the watermelon for a more traditional design.

Originally, it was just the football but then it looked so eh, that I decided to carve out the team logos as embellishments. If I had had more time, I think I would’ve reworked the design to have different levels. However I came up with this in a pinch.

Super (Watermelon) Bowl | OneCraftyThing.comI know it looks like the carvings took longer than anything, but really it was minimum effort, maximum impact—using the right tools, it was much easier than it looks. Instead, what took forever and a half was the watermelon football (there’s no tool that I know of that makes a football shaped watermelon!). It is REALLY difficult to get a proper football shape… very few wrong cuts can totally change the look of it. Also… um, I completely forgot (in my football shape fervor) to leave the white parts of the watermelon to make the white parts of the football (oops!) so I took the rind and cut it up in strips and improvised (attaching the rind with toothpicks). Lots of improvisation on this one!

In this watermelon, I used: