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May the 4th: A Lunch From the Dark Side

Sith Lord Star Wars Bento Lunch | OneCraftyThing.com
As is my custom on May the 4th, a Star Wars bento for the kiddo ­čÖé ┬áToday, it’s one from the Darkside… Sith lord┬áthemed. Beware the Dark Side! They have cookies ­čÖé

In this lunch:

Main PB&J Darth Vader Sandwiches and a Darth Maul strawberry (on the back of a Darth Vader Easter egg), with details done with black edible dough (and yellow sprinkle eyes). I made his horns out of peanuts (cut them to points with a sharp paring knife.
Sides Trail mix with the front of the Darth Vader Easter egg (front) and large purple grapes.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt and pasta chips with brie.

Today, I used:

May the 4th: An Imperial Lunch


I haven’t blogged in foreeeeever! It’s because I’ve been really busy with work and although I’ve been making lunches (and sometimes even photographing them), the will to blog has just eluded me. This week, I took the opportunity that the Bento Bloggers and Friends blog hop for May the 4th, one of the geekiest days of the year when all things Star Wars is celebrated (May the Fourth be with you, get it?) Anyhow, despite having never watched the films, my kiddo loves Darth Vader (and the Dark Side) and has decided he is her favorite character (she knows he’s the bad guy).

So this was my May the Fourth lunch for the blog hop! Stormtroopers and the Death Star in space.

In this lunch:

Main PB&J triple stacked Stormtrooper sandwiches
Sides Carved pink apple Death Star (red because it’s about to explode) and blueberries with star sprinkles
Included but not pictured a banana

Today I used:

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Star Wars Bento; sort of Halloween themed (orange Darth Vader) and girly themed (pretty pomegranate flower!) He’s kind of a nod to my kindergartener’s pink-tutu-princess-Darth-Vader costume this Halloween. Helmet is sandwich with orange soy sheet on top drawn on with food markers; eyes are nori; marshmallow stormtrooper with food marker face and blueberry “space” background with star sprinkles.┬á

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