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Happy Holidays, Teachers!

Ahhh, teacher’s gifts. Every single year I’m stumped as to what to get our awesome teachers for Christmas. I used to bring in a bagel platter into our preschool until I found out the director was gluten-free, and I didn’t want to exclude her. With food allergies and different diets, etc. I decided it was best just to leave the whole food thing alone. So I decided to get our preschool teachers (the 8 of them and our 1st grade teacher) a little compilation of my favorite things 🙂 So I included a tiny frame, an iPad stand (that really could be used for standing anything up), a Starbucks card, and a fancy hand sanitizer (lavender). Those are just a few things that I like to use and I thought I’d share it with my favorite teachers. I actually really like this idea because it could change every year, it’s fun and (hopefully), it’s stuff they use/will like — like a swag bag. I’m posting this for other poor, forlorn parents out there that have no idea what to give the teachers in their lives.

In order to pull the theme together of a bunch of little random things that I like, I put them in brown paper packages tied up with string and called it a bag of my favorite things!

Here are a few variations of the tags I made:


And here is what was in the bag. Pretty simple, but cute and unusual, I think:


The tag says:

Brown paper packages tied up with string, 
These are a few of my 


iPad stand & Tiny frame
Hand Sanitizer & Starbucks

Silly me, the one thing I did forget was to put our names on it, so I just wrote it on the back. Hope they like it!