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Girl Scout Cookie Mania


My kiddo, like so many little girls out there, was plunged into the world of sales and salesmanship in the last couple of weeks, due to cookie mania. Yes, we are selling Girl Scout cookies! I knew people liked them, but I had NO idea that people adored them with a passion like that! It’s been sale after sale. It’s been fun. But most of all, it’s been great to see my slow-to-warm-up kiddo get the courage to approach perfect strangers and ask them to buy some cookies. I’m sure the fact that she’s on the younger side (she’s a Daisy) and the pigtails helped too 😉 So here we go, an ode to cookiepalooza, this year’s cookie sales.

In this lunch:

Main PB&J on whole wheat (white) decorated to look like a Samoa. Stripes done with Nutella and eyes are candy eyes (I bought them in a pack that was for cupcakes so they’re bigger than the small eyes for cakepops). Eyelashes are black licorice and the mouth is a pink Mike&Ike. The rainbow daisy, the symbol for the Girl Scout Daisies, is made with candy-coated sunflower seeds (for those die-hards, I know I’m missing a petal… sorry! It wouldn’t fit!)
Sides Girl Scout cookies (Trefoils) and two strawberry roses.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt, bunny crackers, and a mandarin.

Today I used: