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World Turtle Day


Today is World Turtle Day! A day to celebrate our fine chelonian friends in the sea and on land. Today’s bento was much simpler than yesterday’s, but I’m kinda loving the way the baby turtle turned out 🙂 Happy World Turtle Day!

Main PB&J cut up with a cookie cutter that does custom messages. Also, on top, little turtle sprinkles.
Sides The little turtle is made from a cantaloupe ball (used a melon baller) and green grapes. His eyes were just parts of the grape stems to make them a little bulgy. Also included were blueberries and strawberries.
Also Included but Not Pictured More melon and grapes and a yogurt

Today I used

Baby turtle cupcakes. Came out super cute! Been wanting to try them since I saw them on the Disney Family site, so not my design, but it was good practice learning how to use gumdrops and gumdrop consistency materials. I had leftover gumdrops and a couple of cupcakes left over, so I played a little and made multicolor butterflies and some simple flowers. 

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