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This Year’s Halloween Costume


Ah to be seven and to have a limitless imagination! This year, my silliest kiddo, my eldest, has decided that she would be (among all the princesses and kitties) a washing machine for Halloween. Yep. A washing machine. It was a wonderful choice and I made her costume from a box and a lot of tape (among other things). But for lunch I made her this silly thing. It’s not my  most impressive lunch but it was a fun inside joke, as her school friends haven’t seen her costume yet. She giggled at the sight of it in the morning and I hope she had another giggle at lunch.

Main PB&J (double stacked) washing machine 🙂 I made a small hole in the middle and used the round bread for the head. Crust for hair, a little bit of nori for her smile and candy eyes. Inside the washing machine, the “laundry” made of non-pareils.
Sides Green grapes and cantaloupe, as well as a mandarin
Included but not Pictured Yogurt

For this lunch I used: