Teacher Appreciation Week


This week, no bentos 😛 I spent the time trying to do other things this week, like keep my house in semi-decent order. We are emerging from sickness this week and I just wanted a little bento break. More to come though!

It was teacher appreciation week this week though and I wanted the teachers in the preschool and at kindergarten to know that we truly do appreciate what they do and wanted to include a homemade gift. We have previously canned blackberry jam from fresh summer blackberries from last year (made and canned by my awesome husband and picked by the kiddos) and so I made up a label for them to hand them out today (with a little gift card from Starbucks too — gotta buy some bread for that jam!). I hope our teachers like it! And I hope they know that they are so amazing and instrumental in caring and helping our children.

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