The Magic Schoolbus


I’ve been on a bit of a bento-making hiatus… I’ve been making lunches, no doubt, but “pretty” lunches, as the kiddos call them, were beyond me for a bit there… too much to do at work and such. But One Crafty Thing is about doing it when you can, so here’s today’s lunch! I had a request from a while ago to make a Magic Schoolbus lunch. We love Magic Schoolbus here. So today, I tackled it. It took me a bit longer as I’m a little rusty, but here we go.

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J triple stacked mini sandwiches. I have one here in the main lunchbox but I added one to an extra little container so as to not disrupt the composition (but not let the kiddo starve, either!) The two triple stacked mini sandwiches all equal one regular sandwich.
Sides Mandarins and strawberries, along with string mozzarella cheese stars (the rest of which went in the other container with the extra sandwich). The logo letters were made with a slice of American cheese. Also, there’s a graham cracker below the bus, to give it a background (and a little treat).
Also included (but not pictured) An applesauce pouch

Today I used:


    • One Crafty Thing
      One Crafty Thing

      Rather than having a lunchbox that keeps the lunch on its side, our lunchbox sits the whole container sitting horizontally. However, sometimes I use a napkin (both for her to use and to keep things in place. Sometimes, if something is particularly messy, I use a piece of plastic wrap to keep things in place. Mostly, everything makes it because it’s glued down (with peanut butter or another type of spread).

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