Your Move Bento


Today’s bento was inspired by the tic-tac-toe/checkerboard cookies that we found yesterday at Whole Foods. They were so cool I had to figure out how to include them in a theme. Fortunately, I’ve had this puzzle cutter forever and never really could think of a theme, so I added it in as part of a “simple games” theme. It’s really very simple and minimal because I’ve discovered that my slow eater hasn’t been finishing everything because she’s so slow to eat/maybe has been socializing during lunch/ wants to go to recess instead of eat. So I pare it down to what I think she’ll eat in a snacky lunch.

Main PB&J, as usual.
Sides Apple in checkerboard pattern, checkerboard cookies, little X and Os in cheese.
Other Sides (not pictured) green grapes

Today I used:

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