Beauty and the Beast Bento

Beauty and the Beast Bento |
Beauty and the Beast is the kiddo’s favorite Disney movie, so today’s theme is Beauty and the Beast! I had plans to figure a way to sculpt out a Beast face out of the kiwi but that would have added a load of time to this lunch! I’ll admit that the painting was difficult because the kiwi is so juicy that the water-based food dye that I used to paint started to smudge a bit but I think it will make it to lunch. We will see! 🙂

In this lunch:

Main A PB&J “Book” sandwich and a banana with Belle carved on it
Sides The Beast is painted onto a kiwi and I used a tiny bit of white edible dough for his teeth. I also included a red rose made from a strawberry on a blueberry background.
Also Included but not Pictured Yogurt and mozarella

Today, I used:

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