Plants vs Zombies Bento

Plants vs Zombies Bento |

This week’s bento is sort of following the Halloween theme of the month, but mostly just the fun theme. Plants vs Zombies! When this came out I played it all the time :) and now the kiddo plays it every so often, too.  I’ve been wanting to do a zombie lunch for a bit and had a bit of a debate of whether it should be realistic zombies or more cartoon zombies. These guys won! I’m glad because it was one of my more fun lunches to make.

Main PB & strawberry jam double stack sandwich– the bottom two layers are the shape of the whole head and the top layer has the mouth cut out so that I could place the teeth (cut freehand, but outlined first with an edible pen so I knew where to cut). Inside the mouth, I put strawberry jam for gums and pieces of bread cut into teeth shapes. The green stuff on top is just peanut butter with a teensy bit of green and a little black. The eyes are made from gum paste  (I’m experimenting with different materials to see which holds up best — gum paste dries pretty hard) and are dotted with black edible marker. The tiny pieces of black hair and the nose holes are cut pieces of black licorice whips.
Sides Nuts with eyes (I used pre-made ones from Wilton)! (like the walnuts in the game!) and a mandarin(with drawn on sharpie face) in a flower cup.
Included but not Pictured Yogurt

This Year’s Halloween Costume


Ah to be seven and to have a limitless imagination! This year, my silliest kiddo, my eldest, has decided that she would be (among all the princesses and kitties) a washing machine for Halloween. Yep. A washing machine. It was a wonderful choice and I made her costume from a box and a lot of tape (among other things). But for lunch I made her this silly thing. It’s not my  most impressive lunch but it was a fun inside joke, as her school friends haven’t seen her costume yet. She giggled at the sight of it in the morning and I hope she had another giggle at lunch.

Main PB&J (double stacked) washing machine :) I made a small hole in the middle and used the round bread for the head. Crust for hair, a little bit of nori for her smile and candy eyes. Inside the washing machine, the “laundry” made of non-pareils.
Sides Green grapes and cantaloupe, as well as a mandarin
Included but not Pictured Yogurt

For this lunch I used:

A Witchy Watermelon

A Watermelon Witch |

A fun kid’s Halloween party potluck inspired a full-on search for a non-scary watermelon carving for inspiration. I found one design of a witch throwing up fruit salad and it was a fun nod to a puking pumpkin designs I’ve seen, so I did my little spin on it. This time of the year, I can never find large watermelon. Costco, instead, had two little soccer-ball sized ones. I had to improvise a bit with the design by using a cupcake stand to lift up the watermelon from the rest of the fruit salad (so she didn’t get buried) and I had to use a witch hat headband instead of a regular witch hat.

Last week was absolute murder as far as time, so she isn’t as detailed as I would like. I’m going to try this one again, I think.

How I made this watermelon: She was super quick!

  1. First, I made her sit flat by slicing off a piece of the bottom. I also angled that cut a bit so she would look like her head was a tad bit tilted toward the salad.
  2. I cut out a hole for the mouth. I scooped out the watermelon through both openings. I usually use a watermelon baller for nice watermelon presentation but she’s supposed to be throwing up, right? So chunks :) I actually used both watermelons as one was not enough.
  3. I carved some eye whites (sclera) and split a large grape in two and made them the eyes. The pupils were just a tiny bit of edible dough I have and the highlights on the eyes were ghost sprinkles. The eyes are attached with toothpicks.
  4. The nose was half of the slice I took off the bottom. I stuck it on with a toothpick.
  5. Carved the eyebrows and tinted them a bit with brown edible marker so we can see it easier.
  6. I put a mini witch hat fascinator on her because an adult’s witch hat was waaaay too big. I made this one myself, but there are tons of them for sale now-a-days.

Today I used:

The First of the Halloween Bentos!

This week, we started Halloween bentos! Halloween is my absolute most favorite time of the year. And we are a tiny bit hardcore about it. This year, it’s a little busier than previous years because I’ve gone back to work for a good portion of the week, but we still try to be Halloweeny ;) So this is the first Halloween bento of the season and non-sandwich one at that!

Main A fun Halloween shaped pasta with cat, pumpkins, witches, and bats :) Red sauce in a silicone baking cup, with mozzarella cheese details.
Sides Trader Joe’s Halloween Joe Joes and two mandarins. I used a sharp paring knife to cut out the face details of the mandarins.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

A Frozen Bento: Anna of Arendelle

A Frozen Bento: Anna |

Today’s bento is all about Frozen’s Anna :) It’s been a year since it came out and I still get an enthusiastic “ME!!!” from all three kiddos when I ask who wants to watch the movie. Their enthusiasm is catching, so today’s bento is all about Disney’s favorite little sister.
In today’s lunch

Main PBJ with carrot hair, cut with a peeler. It’s pretty hard to braid carrots, I’ll tell you, though, so I had to hold her hair down in a couple of places with some toothpicks (mainly the top). Anna’s eyes are white fondant and two hard blue candies we just got in a goodie bag from a party. I lined her eyes with black edible markers. Her mouth is fondant with a tad of pink food dye. Here is a tip on the fondant: let it dry completely before “gluing” them on to the bread (I used a bit of peanut butter), otherwise it will melt on the bread in the container. Nose and freckles made with edible marker.
Sides A carved Fuji apple and red grapes with a green “frozen” heart.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today, I used:

Does a bear poop in the woods? A Charmin(g) Bento


Yesterday, I was getting the kiddos ready for school and scrolling through my usual websites when a friend showed me a blog post by Baby Sideburns, which was about the pressure she felt from all those Pinterest lunches that she sees. She pointed out my Elsa lunch (in a rather funny matter) as an example of doing too much for lunch time. I totally get that– I know it’s not for everyone and I’ve had people tell me that I’m nuts for doing this at all. I must have too much time on my hands (nope, 3 small children, household, and a job) or I must be trying to make other kids jealous of mine (nope, I know my kid’s whole class — I used to teach them drawing — and every kid who mentioned it to me seems pretty cool about it) or whatnot.

I know I’m rambling a bit. Stay with me here.

I know some people see the Pinterest stuff as one mom one-upping the next. But call me an idealist when I say that I hope that more than making people feel bad, I (and all my Pinterest-posting crafty friends) am really looking to put out inspiration into the world. Not only inspiration to make lunches fun, ( because, I know just as well as anyone that lunch is just lunch), but really, to make some mundane tasks (packing kid lunches!) more fun for me and once in a while, make a kid smile. That ain’t so bad, is it?

So to make myself smile, my kiddo smile (potty humor is big around here), and hopefully some of my followers smile, today I made a bear pooping in the woods bento. And I want to tell everyone, I was inspired by Baby Sideburns’ bento! Thanks Baby Sideburns!

In today’s lunch:

Main A PB & strawberry jam bear sandwich; the toilet roll is a piece of a Pirouette wafer wrapped in a little bit of white fondant. The bear poop is mini chocolate chips ;)
Sides Trail mix and galia melon trees
Also included but not pictured A fuji apple for snack time

Today I used:

A Farm Day Inspiration: A Peacock Bento


Every week I take my middle and youngest kiddos to the farm while my eldest is at school. It’s a fun and safe place to play and explore and they have story time and a session of cracking corn as well as feeding the animal of the week. It’s a good time to be had while waiting for the eldest kiddo to get out of school. Every week my eldest asks when she gets to go to the farm. So this week, I tried to give her a little farm in her lunch! It may not seem like peacocks are very farm-like animals, but our farm has a nice-sized flock (or an ostentation, as they are collectively called) of peafowl (cocks, hens, and chicks included).

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J pocket sandwich with Nutella and sprinkles details. To pipe the bird, I put it in a sandwich bag and snipped the corner, for a makeshift icing bag.
Sides Tail feather made with galia melon, watermelon, and a grape: I used some nesting oval cutters to nest the watermelon in the galia and then the small one to cut a notch out of the grape. Around it, cantaloupe, galia melon, and watermelon balls (finally found a use for my tiny melon baller!). Also more grapes in the other compartment. The grapes were called peony grapes on the package and they’re very fleshy and sweet, perfect for hot end-of-summer days.
Also included but not pictured Even more melon (my leftover scraps). I have a ton of melon here, and it needs to be eaten!

Today, I used:

Football Kick-Off Watermelon

Football Kick Off Watermelon |

I want to start this post with a disclaimer: I know NOTHING about football. All I know is that I was invited to some kind of football party last Sunday and I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on. I did know it wasn’t Superbowl (where last year I did a helmet watermelon!), but that it was something important. Turns out it was the beginning of football season. For me, that means one thing: a chance to do a football-themed watermelon :) And this one is SUPER simple; I’m sure anyone could do it. I basically just cut the water in half, length-wise. With the extra rind, I cut out a football shape and carved some lines to make it look like a football. The goal posts are 3 paper straws that were hot-glued together and then stuck into the opposite sides of the rind. That’s all! I added grapes, blueberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon, of course. It was a cute centerpiece for a laid-back party. I do think it could possibly do for Superbowl too!

What I used:



Today’s lunch is Maleficent themed. My kiddos loved the film and so did I! So a much promised Maleficent lunch was in order this week :) I admit that I used more “candy” on this lunch much more than I had intended… I used the edible dough again. It really does hold its shape super well and is easy to use, so it’s hard NOT to use it. And the truth is, I couldn’t find the nori that I had planned on using for everything black (her horns/headress) in this! Oops. Oh well, I have all this edible dough left over from the dog/dolphin party and it’s just an occasional treat. Anyhow, on to the lunch! Here is what was in it today.

Main PB&J sandwich with edible dough details; purple lettuce for her neck piece. Colors used for the details: White, red, and black. I used a little food dye to get the green in the irises in the eyes.
Sides Green grape and blueberry salad and fresh blackberries picked yesterday from our local farm. The crow details were done in (what else?) edible dough!
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

Back to School Koala Bento


It’s back to school time and this week’s lunch is back-to-school themed. It’s been a short/long summer, full of ups and downs, but thankfully we’re back on a set schedule now that school is in (we’re soooo much better with a set schedule AND I’m so much more dedicated to lunch during the school year!) The kiddo is in second grade now (as you can see!) and I gave her the choice of “regular” lunches or “pretty” lunches. She adamantly said: “PRETTY ONES!” So here we go again!

Main PB&J sandwich. Cheated a bit on the Koala’s backpack ;) as I made it out of edible dough, but it worked out really well!
Sides Green grapes, blueberries and a bus-shaped cantaloupe wedge
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used: