Word Girl


This week has been a little tiring and so I didn’t get a chance to do a bento lunch for the kiddo. Today, she went to a day camp event, though, and needed to bring a bag lunch. And here it is! The theme of the event was around heroines and so I made the kiddo’s favorite superheroine, Word Girl!

In today’s lunch

Main PB&J Sandwich on whole grain white — her head and the stars; also on her head, a fruit roll up, fruit leather. The eyes are marshmallows (with a black dot done with a foodwriter marker) and they have nori eyelashes. Also included was a nori mouth with a little rolled up bit of bread for the nose.
Sides Mandarin orange with blueberries and two Girl Scout Samoas
Also included but not pictured String cheese

Today I used:

A Hand Lettered Year




This year, I’ve resolved to learn more that could help me professionally (in graphic design) and specifically focus on typography and layout. One of the things I’ve been really wanting to learn was hand lettering, so I looked around for some quick classes to get me started. I decided on Skillshare*, which offers classes taught by industry professionals in all kinds of subjects like branding, lettering, digital illustration, photography, etc (they also teach classes in software like Adobe Creative Suite, in case anyone is interested!)

My class is about beginning hand lettering. We were to choose a quote to develop into a hand lettered piece. The photo above is just a beginning exploration and my initial sketches as well as a tight thumbnail sketch (on top). I’ll probably be going in a different direction with this but I wanted to put this idea to paper just to get it out of my head.  I’m hoping that once I create a full piece, I might offer it as a letter-pressed poster through my etsy shop. My quote? “More Wine & Less Whine.” I’m sure many parents can agree with the sentiment, lol.

Why am I posting this? I’d like to be able to keep track of my progress of hand lettering to see where I get at the end of the year. Hopefully, I’ll see some progress!

*Referral link; I get $10 and you get $10 off your first class!


The Magic Schoolbus


I’ve been on a bit of a bento-making hiatus… I’ve been making lunches, no doubt, but “pretty” lunches, as the kiddos call them, were beyond me for a bit there… too much to do at work and such. But One Crafty Thing is about doing it when you can, so here’s today’s lunch! I had a request from a while ago to make a Magic Schoolbus lunch. We love Magic Schoolbus here. So today, I tackled it. It took me a bit longer as I’m a little rusty, but here we go.

In today’s lunch:

Main PB&J triple stacked mini sandwiches. I have one here in the main lunchbox but I added one to an extra little container so as to not disrupt the composition (but not let the kiddo starve, either!) The two triple stacked mini sandwiches all equal one regular sandwich.
Sides Mandarins and strawberries, along with string mozzarella cheese stars (the rest of which went in the other container with the extra sandwich). The logo letters were made with a slice of American cheese. Also, there’s a graham cracker below the bus, to give it a background (and a little treat).
Also included (but not pictured) An applesauce pouch

Today I used:

Pinkie Pie


My bento friend, Lunchbox Dad, and I were talking about our affinity for My Little Pony and how our kiddos really like them. And we really  like them. Since we’ve both done a pony or two (we’ve both done Rainbow Dash! Here is his and here is mine), we thought we’d tackle the same ponies around the same time. Up there is my Pinkie Pie and here is his. So cute. He really did a great job with the raspberries — a stroke of genius, really!

So here is my humble try at Pinkie Pie. In my kiddo’s lunch:

Main PB&J on whole wheat (white). Pinkie Pie was made with melting candy wafers — I first did an outline of Pinkie and filled it in with candy. The details on her face and body are done with food writer pens (pink and black) and her cutie mark is actually some Mickey Mouse sprinkles, missing one ear! Her hair is the same pink melting wafers with additional gel food coloring.
Sides Mandarin and grape (with a little alligator pick since Pinkie’s pet, Gummy, is a little alligator). Green and red grapes on heart picks.
Also Included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

Girl Scout Cookie Mania


My kiddo, like so many little girls out there, was plunged into the world of sales and salesmanship in the last couple of weeks, due to cookie mania. Yes, we are selling Girl Scout cookies! I knew people liked them, but I had NO idea that people adored them with a passion like that! It’s been sale after sale. It’s been fun. But most of all, it’s been great to see my slow-to-warm-up kiddo get the courage to approach perfect strangers and ask them to buy some cookies. I’m sure the fact that she’s on the younger side (she’s a Daisy) and the pigtails helped too ;) So here we go, an ode to cookiepalooza, this year’s cookie sales.

In this lunch:

Main PB&J on whole wheat (white) decorated to look like a Samoa. Stripes done with Nutella and eyes are candy eyes (I bought them in a pack that was for cupcakes so they’re bigger than the small eyes for cakepops). Eyelashes are black licorice and the mouth is a pink Mike&Ike. The rainbow daisy, the symbol for the Girl Scout Daisies, is made with candy-coated sunflower seeds (for those die-hards, I know I’m missing a petal… sorry! It wouldn’t fit!)
Sides Girl Scout cookies (Trefoils) and two strawberry roses.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt, bunny crackers, and a mandarin.

Today I used:

Secret Valentine

I played not-so-secret admirer today of the kiddo, so that she could have a fun Valentine’s Day lunch. This year our school has Friday off, so no Valentine’s Day lunch for her :P Boo! Hearts and love earlier in the week instead!

In this lunch:

Main PB&J on whole wheat “conversation” heart
Sides Cherry tomato hearts and strawberries. Also, secret message banana. I recently got a cookie cutter set with the ability to set custom letters and I used them to write her a message in her banana. By the time it gets to lunch, the message will be much darker. So fun! So this was my big debut with the cookie cutters.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

Today we are a part of a Valentine’s day hop with the Bento Bloggers and Friends! Hop on over to the next blog for more Valentine’s Day goodness!


Superbowl Sunday


Ahh Superbowl Sunday. A day I will never, ever understand. I have very little idea of what goes on in football and really, barely know who’s playing. However, some friends are having a Superbowl party (with bouncy house!) and you say potluck and helmet, well, gee, I gotta think watermelon fruit tray. So here is my one big tribute to Superbowl Sunday… a watermelon helmet.

Note: This watermelon helmet is nowhere near the size it would be in the summer. It’s probably the size of a (ironically) soccer ball, which is as big as watermelons get around here, apparently, in the winter. Fortunately, though, it was pretty sweet still.

Incredibly vague directions on how to do a watermelon helmet right here.

The Year of the Horse


Yesterday’s bento celebrated today’s Chinese New Year. Gung hay fat choi! It’s the year of the horse!

Here’s the lunch:

Main PB&J on wheat (crust for the dark part), M&M eyes, nori hair
Sides oranges, strawberries, trail mix
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Products included coming soon!

Have a Henry Hugglemonster Day!


Yesterday, I made a My Little Pony bento for my oldest kiddo and my younger kiddo (who stayed home from preschool) complained that I only make “pretty lunches” for her sister. It’s true, I do only do them for the first grader, but mainly because preschool gives her lunch on the days she goes! But she was home, and she begged for a pretty lunch and to help make it. Trying to keep her entertained, I gave in :)

She had been watching Henry Hugglemonster and I suggested that as a theme. She was unsure but I thought she would like the turkey and cheese sandwich (something my other kiddo is only marginally ok with — she’s really a PB&J lover). So we started and this is what we came up with. I think it’s pretty close!

Main Open faced turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese. I don’t have an oval cutter that big so I flexed a circle cutter just enough to make the cut and then eased it back into shape. The horns were made from blue star-shaped marshmallows and the dots on the ends of the big horns are large dot sprinkles (the greenish parts are colored on with yellow foodwriter pen to make it a soft green). I used turkey for the whites of the eyes, the teeth, and the eye highlights, and blueberries for the pupils. His nose is just the end of a baby carrot.
Sides Carrots, oranges, blueberries and pistachios

For this bento, I used:

My Little Pony! My Little Pony! Ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh!

rainbowdashToday’s bento was made to get me out of a bento funk. You see, the holidays just wiped me out — it was crazy overload nutso too much of everything for us here. And it robbed me of my creativity and put me in a bento funk. I mean, I packed lunches for my kiddo who started back up last week — and they were utilitarian but they just weren’t cute at all.

So, to get me out of my weirdo funk, I made something I’ve been meaning to for a while. I had a loose plan but it all went out the window when I started making this. I was going to make a different pony but when I remembered I had the rainbow belts, I went all Rainbow Dash crazy. I have to say, I LOVE My Little Pony, if only because it was my one true love when I was around six (my first grader’s age). And now my kiddos are obsessed (although I will say, Rainbow Dash is my preschool kiddo’s favorite, while Rarity is my first grader kiddo’s favorite. Oh well, you get what you get and you don’t get upset (our mantra). So here it is, Rainbow Dash!

Main PB&J on wheat outlined with a blue foodwriter pen. I didn’t want to make the whole thing blue (because that’s a LOT of blue) so I outlined to give it both the effect and to give me an idea of where to cut. When I don’t have a cutter for a specific purpose, I use either a knife of scissors to get the right shape. Hair is rainbow sour belts, eye is a marshmallow with a blueberry for a pupil (encircled by a red sour belt for the iris). Eye highlights are just little bits of marshmallow.
Sides Blueberries, oranges. Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark is made with a rainbow sour belt (held in position by a toothpick) with mini marshmallow clouds (cut into halves and overlapped slightly so they stick together). Also, blue marshmallow star.
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Today I used: