Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Lunch Bento | OneCraftyThing.com

This week, my children asked me why I never make them bentos anymore. I told them that I was at a loss for time many mornings because of work but since they were off this week and I was trying to keep them entertained, I said I’d make them a bento lunch even though they were home from school. A simple Thanksgiving lunch 🙂

In today’s lunch:

Main  PB turkey leg shaped sandwich. I made this in two parts, one with a general shape of the turkey (peanut butter on top) and one with a cutter (shaped like a bone) and chex mix (apparently, the kids love this stuff!)
Sides Though they look like cranberries, my kids love cherries, so cherries and a whole persimmon that my kids eat up like apples.
Also included but not pictured Water and grapes

Today, I used (please disable AdBlock to see what tools I used for this bento):

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