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I never get tired of creating new butterfly bentos. I love Monarch butterflies… they mean a lot to me because to me they represent California (which I adore), and they overwinter near my home. I love the fact that they are immigrants here but at the same time natives; I love that they fly so many miles and die along the way but something instinctual urges them to keep on the path. They feel magical in the woods where we see them every year.

For this bento, I thought about those overwintering butterflies, clustered with their families and spanning California.

In this lunch:

Main A PB&JĀ heart sandwich with little bread butterflies clustered and glued down with peanut butter. To give them a little bit of dimension to their wings, I used the wrong side of a butter knife to fold the middle inward.
SidesĀ Trail mix, two mandarins with a wing cut out of each mandarin and squished together and almonds.
Also Included but not Pictured Yogurt and string cheese

Today, I used:

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