Dolphins and Waves Fruit Bowl

Dolphins and Waves Watermelon Fruit Bowl |



Ahhh watermelon season is back. And this particular one was delicious! For a picnic in the park, I brought this fruity dish… a watermelon ocean and banana dolphins. All it had in it was green grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and of course, bananas. The banana dolphin idea is certainly not mine as it has spread over the internet like wildfire, but I’ve always wanted to try to do it because it was such a brilliant thought that I wish I could give credit to the originator (but I have no idea who that person is). Anyhow, the kiddos loved them and I thought they were particularly cute — it helps too that it was delish 🙂

For this watermelon, I didn’t use anything in particular besides some carving and regular kitchen knives. I did add the black sprinkle for the eyes, though, since they looked much more uniform than carving the eyes.


    • One Crafty Thing
      One Crafty Thing

      This is something you need to make the day of… I made it a couple hours beforehand and they stayed yellow. I did start out with them being a teensy bit green, though so they were more firm. On the open parts (the bottoms) I brushed them with lemon juice so that they wouldn’t brown.

  1. Karolina

    Hi there, I would really like to make this for my sons first Bday but am not sure how to do the waves part…please can you help? Thanks. Karolina

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