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Fruity Flowers |

I’ve always wanted to try doing this. I’ve eaten (and loved!) Edible Arrangements for a while. I think they’re a great gift to give but seriously, they cost SO much. Even a really small bouquet is above $50. I had a potluck party to attend today and on a whim buying fruit last night, I went ahead and bought my supplies to make this. It was made of pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, and blueberries. I used a flower cookie cutter I had around from Easter, but it was plastic and took a bit of effort to get the flowers nice and even, so I think next time I’ll just buy a metal cutter for this. Surprisingly, the whole thing took much less time than I thought (an hour and a half, maybe two?) and came out cute for a first try. I think it would’ve been even better if I had used a floral foam for the arrangement, but I actually just used the top of the pineapple to stick the sticks in. Next try will hopefully be much more artfully arranged! And I think next time I’ll include chocolate dipped strawberries.

Some tips on making them:

  • Melon ballers make perfect half spheres for the middles.
  • Hold them to the middles to the pineapple flowers with toothpicks but cut off the sharp ends with scissors so no one pokes themselves

Today I used:


  1. Twila Palmatier

    I think it would be great to use chocolate covered strawberries arranged to look like the soil the flowers are in.

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  3. Linda Telles

    What a fantastic ideal. Will do this tomorrow as we eat lots of fresh pineapples and grapes here in Kenya. I think I shall add red cherries in the middle of the pineapples to give the pieces a festive look. After all, we are only in January.

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  6. Aparna

    absolutely adorable. Loved the idea and tried it for my daughters school party. Turned out pretty good. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Karen

    Where did you get those cute flower cookie cutters??
    Very nice idea! I want to make it for a girl leaving at work!

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