My Little Pony: Skeletwinkle


For some reason, the kiddos being on spring break makes me feel extra crafty 🙂 I think it’s because my husband has also some days off and I’ve pawned… um, lovingly put him in charge of the children sometimes. So I had time to play around with some different crafty things (hence the dollhouse furniture, the sharpie eggs, etc.) One thing I had lying around was some Sculpey, which I had originally bought for some dollhouse furniture. Sitting around with my youngest kiddo and my eldest kiddo, we played with the clay stuff and I was trying to amuse her and I made this one. Of course, the five year old in me did a little dance when I saw that it actually resembled a My Little Pony. And so I selfishly kept it (but made a little one for her) and painted it for myself. I still have to get on painting the little one.

Edit: She has a name! Skeletwinkle 🙂

And some in-progress shots:



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