New Mushrooms! And spores.

So, remember when we grew mushrooms? Well, we grew some more! Back to the Roots sent us another pack of mushrooms to grow and it became really eager to grow because it started sprouting before we were ready. So we opened them up and dunked them in water and then a week or so later, it really bloomed! And I let them go for a bit to let the smaller mushrooms catch up to the bigger guys. And then I kept finding a find dusting of white powder on my kitchen counter. I thought someone had gotten into the flour? Maybe the preschool kiddo. I cleaned it up and then later on  I found another fine dusting.  Hmm… then I saw it… the mushrooms were sporing! So I thought it would be interesting to photograph it. Here are our sporing mushrooms!

spores1 spores2

After this, we picked them and they’re ready to eat now. These are huge compared to the other ones we grew and we can’t wait to eat them!

Today I used:

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