Panda Bento


Today’s lunch was all about pandas 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this awesome cutter to make the perfect panda bento and it is totally amazing! I love it. It not only cuts the sandwich and stamps the bread (with a panda, but has interchangeable plates for stamping a bat, a panda with baby, a panda without a baby, a lamb and a monkey!) but also can shape eggs too! We will definitely be using it for eggs! The sealer (oh did I mention it SEALS the sandwiches so they are little pockets?) also becomes a food cup to place IN the bento itself. It’s AH-MAZING! I just really like things that have more than one use, you know? It was pretty easy to use but takes a little practice; totally worth it though, I thought for the way it came out. I made a mama panda (with baby panda) and a daddy panda and then weird uncle panda cookie down there, looking like he was picking his nose, lol.

Sandwich PB&Jam — there are actually four different mini sandwiches in there, two others below the two you see.
Sides Panda cookie and a clementine orange with a strawberry center
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Today I used:


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