Plants vs Zombies Bento

Plants vs Zombies Bento |

This week’s bento is sort of following the Halloween theme of the month, but mostly just the fun theme. Plants vs Zombies! When this came out I played it all the time 🙂 and now the kiddo plays it every so often, too.  I’ve been wanting to do a zombie lunch for a bit and had a bit of a debate of whether it should be realistic zombies or more cartoon zombies. These guys won! I’m glad because it was one of my more fun lunches to make.

Main PB & strawberry jam double stack sandwich– the bottom two layers are the shape of the whole head and the top layer has the mouth cut out so that I could place the teeth (cut freehand, but outlined first with an edible pen so I knew where to cut). Inside the mouth, I put strawberry jam for gums and pieces of bread cut into teeth shapes. The green stuff on top is just peanut butter with a teensy bit of green and a little black. The eyes are made from gum paste  (I’m experimenting with different materials to see which holds up best — gum paste dries pretty hard) and are dotted with black edible marker. The tiny pieces of black hair and the nose holes are cut pieces of black licorice whips.
Sides Nuts with eyes (I used pre-made ones from Wilton)! (like the walnuts in the game!) and a mandarin(with drawn on sharpie face) in a flower cup.
Included but not Pictured Yogurt

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