Snails in the Garden


Today we woke up 15 minutes before we had to get out the door. That’s what last week’s spring break did to us! We were spoiled by the awesomeness of sleeping in.

I had a whole cute movie-themed bento in mind for today but without any time, I resorted to doing a quick bento in our new Lunchbot box! I was so excited to get these. I think that bento is easier to do when you have a box already divided for you so that you just have to fill up those little areas. So I got us a Duo and a Trio on sale (wish they had had the Quad too!) The other trick I used today is that I relied heavily on my supplies to make the whole thing happen, rather than coming up with stuff from scratch (for example, I’ll usually take some time to make the right size eyes, but today I just used some peanut butter to glue pre-made eyes on an orange).

So today’s bento was a theme I had in the back of my mind ages ago. I usually pick the theme and then pick a container to fit but I was excited to use the Trio! So I looked through my cookie cutter stash and remembered the snails. Kindergarten Kiddo LOVES snails. She loves to find them all around our garden and keep them in a box as “pets.” Well, better in a box than on my artichoke plants.

Sandwich PB&J. I had big bread so sandwich-wise there are two snails, one circle-flower, and one hidden circle sandwich under the orange snail.

Sides The orange snail is one design that seems to be making the rounds in Pinterest and it was so cute I had to include it here. My little spin on it was to make him look goofier with some candy eyes 🙂 Also a fresh mozarella stick with a tiny marshmallow flower middle on a bento flower food divider.

Today I used:

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