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A Frozen Bento: Anna of Arendelle

A Frozen Bento: Anna | OneCraftyThing.com

Today’s bento is all about Frozen’s Anna 🙂 It’s been a year since it came out and I still get an enthusiastic “ME!!!” from all three kiddos when I ask who wants to watch the movie. Their enthusiasm is catching, so today’s bento is all about Disney’s favorite little sister.
In today’s lunch

Main PBJ with carrot hair, cut with a peeler. It’s pretty hard to braid carrots, I’ll tell you, though, so I had to hold her hair down in a couple of places with some toothpicks (mainly the top). Anna’s eyes are white fondant and two hard blue candies we just got in a goodie bag from a party. I lined her eyes with black edible markers. Her mouth is fondant with a tad of pink food dye. Here is a tip on the fondant: let it dry completely before “gluing” them on to the bread (I used a bit of peanut butter), otherwise it will melt on the bread in the container. Nose and freckles made with edible marker.
Sides A carved Fuji apple and red grapes with a green “frozen” heart.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today, I used: