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Today’s lunch is Maleficent themed. My kiddos loved the film and so did I! So a much promised Maleficent lunch was in order this week 🙂 I admit that I used more “candy” on this lunch much more than I had intended… I used the edible dough again. It really does hold its shape super well and is easy to use, so it’s hard NOT to use it. And the truth is, I couldn’t find the nori that I had planned on using for everything black (her horns/headress) in this! Oops. Oh well, I have all this edible dough left over from the dog/dolphin party and it’s just an occasional treat. Anyhow, on to the lunch! Here is what was in it today.

Main PB&J sandwich with edible dough details; purple lettuce for her neck piece. Colors used for the details: White, red, and black. I used a little food dye to get the green in the irises in the eyes.
Sides Green grape and blueberry salad and fresh blackberries picked yesterday from our local farm. The crow details were done in (what else?) edible dough!
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

Have a Henry Hugglemonster Day!


Yesterday, I made a My Little Pony bento for my oldest kiddo and my younger kiddo (who stayed home from preschool) complained that I only make “pretty lunches” for her sister. It’s true, I do only do them for the first grader, but mainly because preschool gives her lunch on the days she goes! But she was home, and she begged for a pretty lunch and to help make it. Trying to keep her entertained, I gave in 🙂

She had been watching Henry Hugglemonster and I suggested that as a theme. She was unsure but I thought she would like the turkey and cheese sandwich (something my other kiddo is only marginally ok with — she’s really a PB&J lover). So we started and this is what we came up with. I think it’s pretty close!

Main Open faced turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese. I don’t have an oval cutter that big so I flexed a circle cutter just enough to make the cut and then eased it back into shape. The horns were made from blue star-shaped marshmallows and the dots on the ends of the big horns are large dot sprinkles (the greenish parts are colored on with yellow foodwriter pen to make it a soft green). I used turkey for the whites of the eyes, the teeth, and the eye highlights, and blueberries for the pupils. His nose is just the end of a baby carrot.
Sides Carrots, oranges, blueberries and pistachios

For this bento, I used: