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Spiderman Leg Cast

I have three kiddos… I was just waiting for someone to break something. And the little guy complied. He slipped on a blanket running in our living room and fractured his foot 🙁 He did well in the walking boot but ultimately couldn’t put much weight on that boot, so in order to convince him that he was getting the most awesome thing ever (AKA a cast) we told him he was getting a super-boot, like superheroes wear. So when we found out he needed a cast, we knew we would paint it and set off to figure out what superhero.

It was a short search. Spiderman it was. And he wanted him hanging from a web. So I complied with a Mini Marvel Spiderman. Ultimately it only took about 15 minutes and some acrylic paint and being patient through the wiggles of a three year old.

Here it is, the Spidey-cast:

Spiderman Leg Cast | OneCraftyThing.com

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