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One in a Minion Valentine’s Day Bento

One in a Minion Valentine's Day Lunch | OneCraftyThing.com

Eventually the time comes when every bento-er must make a minion lunch! For me today is that day. I’ve been meaning to make a minion lunch for a while now, but when I saw a “One in a Minion” Valentine’s Day card, I knew it had to become a bento theme. What’s better than a silly declaration of love, in the form of a tiny, yellow henchman? And by the way, I was totally singing “One in a Minion” ala Boston More than a Feeling-style.

Main A PB&J sandwich with a piece of cheddar on top. Sounds a bit icky, but I attached it with peanut butter. My kiddo is happy to lick it off, lol. The way I made the main minion:
  1. I cut a smile out of the piece of cheddar and I use a tiny cutter that I have to make little teeth from leftover bread.
  2. I also used some crossed to back it and heart sprinkle for his tongue.
  3. I also took a large Wilton eye and I drew a brown iris around the black pupil for depth.
  4. I also took a heart sprinkle to make the eye highlight.
  5. I used a black foodwriter marker to draw the goggle strap and a few hairs on top.
  6. I also lined the eye with a little aluminum foil for the goggle.

Sides Minion graham crackers (with heart sprinkles on some of them — not all! I’m not crazy 😉 ), one small banana cut into two with drawn on details. The eyes are just the smaller Wilton eyes with irises and (one) eyelid drawn on. I just cut into the banana for the little hairs on top (naturally browning) and cut the mouths in the same way.
Also included but not pictured An unusually large cutie mandarin!

Today, I used: