Watermelon Shark


Watermelons are back in season! Summer+potluck = watermelon carving. I used to take cupcakes to potlucks but I like bringing fruit because I know my kids will eat it (I know they’ll eat cupcakes too, but I kinda feel better about them eating the fruit) and because it takes a lot less time to carve one large watermelon instead of decorating 25 little cupcakes. So for a friend’s housewarming, I thought I’d do a fun summer shark, which I’ve never had an excuse to do before. In it, I put watermelon balls, cantaloupe balls (and big and tiny fish), and grapes.

I am particularly digging the big fish in his mouth. It was silly, but totally necessary. Here is a detail shot.


All in all, it’s totally fun to do these watermelons. I expect to do more through the summer!

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