World Turtle Day… was yesterday!

So obviously I need a new calendar because mine was lame in not actually informing me that yesterday was World Turtle Day. I LOVE turtles. They’re my favorite animal. So one day late (and maybe just a penny short), I made a Turtle bento 🙂 I always struggle with making tortellini look like anything except, well, tortellini. I think it’s kind of an ugly food, really (for my bento purposes). So I was kinda psyched to make it the “beach” part of my bento… the little scene is supposed to be my struggling little turtle, from the sand to the sea of blueberries but then we had this extra melon from last night that was delicious and that K-Kiddo asked for in her lunch while I was making it… so there went my perfect scene. Oh well, hope it’s yummy, anyhow, lol.

Main Tortellini with pesto and a radish with carrot head/legs. Two tiny sprinkles for eyes.
Sides Blueberries and canteloupe

Today I used:

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