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Pancake Art: Leprechauns and Hearts


I have a lot to learn about pancake art… it really is an art! You need the right tools, the right temperature, the right consistency. Alas I will never be a pancake artist! Not for not wanting to, but because after much study (ie, youtube tutorials and several craft blogs), gathering the right tools and all that stuff, I made pancake leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. There was much ooohing and ahhing from the kiddos. However, it wasn’t the awesomesauceness of the illustrations, nor the care it took to brown certain parts of the pancakes and not the others, or… oh forget it. They oohed and ahhed over the leprechaun’s eyes.

They were chocolate chips.

Alas 2 chocolate chips and three bites later, the smaller kiddo proclaimed she did not like pancakes and the older one did not like (REAL CANADIAN BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN BROWN) maple syrup.


This heart I just made for myself. To eat by myself after ushering the kids outside to play and putting the littlest one to nap. And I ate it alone, and happy, WITH MAPLE SYRUP.