Dia de los Muertos


I don’t often wax poetic on this blog, simply because it is a crafty blog and I mainly want to focus on the important stuff — the crafting! But I think this one lunch might just need it.

I am hispanic. Latina, some term it. I am Peruvian. We don’t generally celebrate Day of the Dead. However, in the recent years as I’ve seen some of the older generation in my life pass on, I’ve often thought Dia de los Muertos made so much sense. A time to think about and remember our dearly departed. A time for memories, but also a time for love. It’s to remember the love. I saw this a few days back:

This video spoke to me. I have a daughter (I actually have two daughters) and I would want her (them) to have her good memories about me and to remember how much love we shared. I would want her to light a candle on the Day of the Dead (on November first, which is my birthday). I would want something like this beautiful little film for her. To remember the silly fruit her mama would carve for her for lunch. To remember the way we were together.

This year I volunteered at her school for their Halloween activities. And inspired by the love in that film, I went dressed like this:


I hope she liked it 🙂

In this bento:

Main PB&J with laffy taffy, starburst and tootsie roll details. I also used candy eyes for the girl.
Sides Some hidden grapes and mandarin oranges along with wafer roses that I bought in Italy for no particular reason — now I know why!
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Today I used:

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