Carving, Carving

Seems like all I’m doing is carving food lately. This was from Monday’s lunch. It was not the main but it was a side of a half apple. I was really inspired by it’s shape– where it was bigger at the top than at the bottom. A definite skull.


Then yesterday, we carved our pumpkins. Or maybe I should say that I carved our pumpkins. The kiddos are a little small to carve their own but not too small to pick out their own stencils. So they picked out plenty complicated ones for me and I ended up abandoned, carving them in my backyard once it got too cold and uncomfortable for them. My middle kiddo did take pity on me and come out to keep me company for all of five minutes in those three hours, but thems the breaks. Here are our pumpkins! Don’t think too much of me, though; I sometimes make my own templates for pumpkin carving but this time I used other peoples’.

pumpkins TARDIS rarity pony1 bat

Here are the templates I used:

  • My Little (Random) Pony
  • My Little Pony Rarity — I can’t find this anywhere for the life of me… I think I printed it out from my phone but now I can’t find the source. Will update later with it :-/
  • Little Bat
  • TARDIS (This one I had to download into Illustrator to print because the template isn’t on the website anymore)

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